Intelliflo VF pump strange issue

disneyjoe7December 19, 2009

Ok my issue with the pump that goes on by itself then off quickly. It has no errors, and it's primed, but acting as its not. Works fine in the manual mode, primes, then does to rate level for what ever you asked for. I did have some problems on my side, like I didn't have any rate level for "Pool". I fixed this and the led on the keypad goes on when it time, goes off when I think it should. But still goes on by itself goes to 55 gpm for priming then off. Removed every wire but for the pump on the data bus port, but it still did it. I've done an emprom delete, and I've done a reset button thing many times now. Any idea what going on?

Programming issue?

Pump controller?

Intellitouch controller?

Something on the data bus? But everything was off.

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Is it cold outside.
PROTECTION - If the IntelliFlo pump
is on due to a freeze condition (not
switch on from a relay circuit), and if a
freeze speed is set in IntelliTouch, this
setting takes priority even if the
previous setting is lower than the
default circuit speed. If no "freeze"
protection is set, the pump will be
forced on at the default circuit speed.
Any programmed or manual operation
that actually switches on a circuit, will
cause the pump to run at that speed if
it is higher.

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I seen it do it during the day in 78f so I doubt freeze is active. Freeze seting is in Intellitouch right, its my thinking if "Display is not active" on itelliflo VF pump?

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This bugs me, could I wire pump so its also powered up by pump relay? Instructions state wire directy to 240vac but I wonder now if this is best.


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In order for the IntelliTouch system to operate the pump you would need to connect the pump to the pump relay. As per the installation instructions, do not use a Ground fault circut breaker for the pump. The pump installation instructions will list the correct breaker. By connecting the pump to the relay allows the system to control power to the pump.

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Hmmm... That statement conflicts with their installation pdf page #42 But I still wonder?

Now have some other idea's about this, they wish me to reset pump, but are talking about a service call to check also. I been told Spa side remote could be an issue, I'm thinking noise on line and something other then pump 1 may work.


"The IntelliFlo pump is designed to be permanently connected to its power source. Typically the pump
receives power directly from the circuit breaker. No contactor or motor starter is required. IntelliFlo can be
operated in "stand-alone" mode, starting and stopping when power is applied or removed. When the drive
powers up it will return to the mode and run status that it was in when power was removed. This setup
maybe appropriate if you need to use existing relays or timers."

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I think you are talking about a standard pump, this is a Intelliflo, it needs to be permanently connected to breaker.
Did you try the reset button on the Intellitouch?
Yes I have seen the spa side cause strange issues with the pumps.

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I have reset pump last night, I have reset Intellitouch, I removed the spa remote wires. I changed pump number from 1 to 2, but it still powers on then off. I'll call again a Pentair support tech to night.


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There was a bug in the easytouch firmware, fixed with the current version, that addressed similar problems once freeze protection had once kicked in. Not saying its the problem, just offering an idea to check.

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Rack Etear

Joe has an intellitouch, plus the current flash rev.

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I now have a service tech being set out to check them self, I'll say its not a command problem. I be happy to find the route of this issue, happier if its under warranty and in the pump control, but will be happy either way.

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my intelliflo vf pump wont run. press start in manual mode or filter mode but priming error keeps flahing

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Is this a new pump or existing?


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