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K8OrlandoJune 23, 2012

I would have posted this on the Conversations page because it's OT (off topic) for quilting, but since few of us even check that page I decided to put it here.

Have you read any good books lately? Or is there something on your list to read that you're eager to get to?

I listen to audible books on the way to work or when sewing, but I usually have a 'real' book close by too.

- I just finished the second book in the Hunger Games series. I liked it but don't like the main character.

- While on my trip back to Fargo I read Mystery, an Alex Delaware novel by Jonathan Kellerman. I've read them all and really like all the main characters.

- I'm currently listening to the audible version of World War Z. MUCH better book than I expected! Loving it!

- Other recent reads (or listens) that I liked:

> The Cruelest Miles (about the Iditarod dog sled race)

> Ready Player One (seriously geeky, but loads of fun)

> The Night Circus (WOW!!! Read it!!!)

> When Elves Attack (Tim Dorsey craziness in his warped state of Florida)

> State of Wonder (From Minnesota to the Amazon; a good mysterious story!)

So, what cha readin', besides quilt magazines?


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Just finished War Brides by Helen Bryan; very good (I gave it 5 stars), lots of interesting characters with good stories and locations, good story on how they all come together in one place, but the ending was wrapped up a little too quickly.

Slouching Toward Bellingham was free for my Kindle and I also enjoyed that very much. No Name by Wilkie Collins was another free book on Kindle - a good story in the classic genre. Working my way through Jeeves and Wooster by P.G. Wodehouse - so funny.

I'm reading a lot more and many different kinds of books since I got my Kindle.


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What perfect timing. I just finished The Hunger Games series for the 2nd time and am looking for something new to read.


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Absolutely the BEST book I've read recently - 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I don't usually read King b/c horror isn't my thing, but this isn't a horror story. Kind of creepy at times, but not in the horror genre at all.

I just read The Inquisitor's Key by Jefferson Bass and enjoyed it very much. I think I've read all of theirs.

The other day I finished Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which is the basis for the Dexter TV show. I haven't seen the show, but the book was pretty good.

Other favorite authors include John Lescroart, Stuart Woods and Lisa Scottoline.


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I am stuck on a pile of books by Kienzle that a friend lent me---only 4 left thank goodness--not sure why if feel I have to.
Have slipped in a few I really enjoyed:
"one summer" by david baldacci: not his usual style but excellent.
"my sister's keeper" by jodi pieoult. not new but good.
"alex cross's trial" by james patterson & richard dilallo.
Again not what I expected but very good. Good review of what went on in the so. about 1900.
"cutting for stone" by abraham verghese. Good story.
Love mysteries,crime and intrigue.
Favorite Authors: Baldacci; Patterson;Ludlum;Archer;Iles.

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Because I'm very rebellious by nature, I HAD to read a certain book that had been 'removed' from our county library system. Until The Removal, I'd had zero interest in the book. I'd heard folks talking about it, read a bit about it and still had no interest, but that 'don't TELL me I can't read something' in me just reared it's ugly head and I spent (wasted!) $10. on 50 Shades of Grey. Not only is it just not my thing, but it seems poorly written and not worth the paper its printed on!! HA! Of course, this is just my opinion and I realize that many don't share it!!!!

The book I'm reading right now is about 180 degrees! It's called 'Sisters of the Quilt' (oddly enough, eh??? LOL). My sister in law had finished it and accidently left it here. It's not something I'd normally pick up, but it was here and I'd 'run out of book'..... it's 3 in 1, a trilogy, and I figured it'd keep me busy while babysitting my grandkids....needed something to keep me quiet in the mornings while they're still sleeping! Really didn't think I'd like it at all, but I'm finding that I'm learning about the Amish and other Plain Folk...things that I did not realize - at least I hope it's fact packed into the fiction. Yes, there is even reference to a quilt in the book! ...I'm into the second book of the trio and am enjoying it. Squeeky clean...by Cindy Woodsmall.

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I stick to mysteries like Anne Perry's but tend to read all that one author writes so I have to carry lists in my wallet so I don't buy the same thing over again. I have about ten lists but get all my books at the thrift stores and library 2nd hand store. I think a current favorite is Carl Hiasson and I just wait for a new one to come out.

Speaking of books, I just sent a large bag of cast off paperbacks home with oldest son. He is a corrections officer and they have a need for paperbacks for prisoners who love to read. (It isn't a jail for violent offenders.) They let them take an unfinished book with them when discharged so run out often. If anyone wants to get rid of paperback books, let me know. I'd pay postage.

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A good, different mystery series to recommend is the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear:

1. Maisie Dobbs
2. Birds of a Feather
3. Pardonable Lies
4. Messenger of Truth
5. An Incomplete Revenge
6. Among the Mad
7. The Mapping of Love and Death
8. A Lesson in Secrets
9. Elegy for Eddie

I would suggest you read them in the order published as I listed them.


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Ever since the cataract surgery a few years back I don't read anymore. I used to read all the time. But I just can't take the eyestrain anymore. When I did read it was anything by Stephen King, the rest a mish-mash of authors from the old classics like Steinbeck, Bronte, Rand and Caldwell to Jean M. Auel.

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Rita, have you thought about a Kindle? You can make the text other sizes that might be more comfortable.


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I've thought about it, but can't be spending extra money right now. Maybe for Christmas?

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Rita, think about audible books too. You can download them from the library at no cost and play them even on very inexpensive MP3 players. I use my iPhone but you don't need a smart phone to listen to books. I wish I had a Kindle but it's not in my budget either.

Toolgranny, I love Carl Hiaasen too and read all his books. Stormy Weather is my fav! I laugh just thinking about it. A similar Florida author is Tim Dorsey; equally quirky and funny. Another Florida author is Randy Wayne White; his recurring character is Doc Ford, a marine biologist (and ex CIA agent) at Sanibel.

Beth, I agree about 50 Shades! Not a book I would recommend. I'm not at all opposed to books with "spark" but this was not my thing.


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thanks for all the new book ideas. I'll carry this in my purse next trip out to thrift stores. I might even have to resort to a library.

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For those of you thinking about Kindles, you can get one for $79...and download e-books from your public library.

I also like Carl Hiassen. He says he gets all his ideas from the Florida newspapers. I can believe it!


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I'm a person who loves her local library, but a whole new world of reading has opened up to me since I got my Kindle in January of this year. I talked to a lot of people about their Kindle use and satisfaction and did not find one person who regretted buying the eReader. If you love to read, you should consider a Kindle....just sayin'....

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