Pix of Quilt from Anonymously donated Blocks

pirate_girlJune 23, 2013

Hi All,

I pieced this top last year from Blocks donated anonymously to either my Guild or our LQS. I picked them up on a Charity Night & worked to piece it all. The blocks were large, maybe 15" square.

So here's the completed top.

(shot at a church in NYC where my quilt guild, Empire Quilters meet)

some closer up

I recently got confirmation that it was in fact completed, was longarmed by another member of our Guild (thank you Janice Ewing) who provided me with this completed pic.

I was so happy to see it completed.

It's backed w/ the same khaki as the outer border & I learned a tremendous amount doing it. The Maker did some really precise work making these blocks & they went together beautifully.

Once I took the blocks & pieced them, I felt responsible for getting this done & was so I gratified to see it happen. Apparently I missed the meeting where it shown at & returned to the Guild. Was my first experience in that kind of joint work, pretty satisfying!

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And, it turned out beautifully. It makes a person feel good to get someone else's hard work put to good use. Nice job. I love the colors.

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It's beautiful. Whoever made those blocks would be thrilled to see their work honored. You've done a very wonderful thing.


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Congratulations. It turned out very nicely. It has to be rewarding to see something like this completed and know you are a part of it. TFS

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I first thought how lucky you were to get precisely pieced blocks that were donated. It is nice to see they are made into a charity quilt for someone. Your group project is very nice! Great job!

I noticed the beautiful Stained Glass behind the quilt in the first picture - thanks for telling us it was taken in a Church!

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Beautiful quilt.
I always like to hear these kinds of stories.
I think that the person that made the blocks would be so happy to see the finished quilt.


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It's really lovely...on behalf of anonymous...thanks for the sharing with us.

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That's lovely. I like the color choices and the pattern.

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