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loessismoreApril 25, 2013

We are building a new house and are thinking of making some changes to this preliminary kitchen layout because I'm not wild about where the refrigerator is located in relation to the entry into the laundry room. We originally wanted a cooktop in the peninsula for socializing while cooking, but after reading alot of negative views of that we decided to have a small 2-burner cooktop to be used for sauteing, making sauces, etc. while entertaining which would allow alot of prep space as well. The freestanding range/oven would be used for the bulk of cooking, steamy pots, etc.

The changes we are considering are to switch placement of the fridge and range, move the 2-burner cooktop to an area left of the sink, and move the dishwasher to the left of the sink.

What do you all think? Would this be more functional or would you make different changes? Thanks for the help!!

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I would lose the 2-burner. At the very least don't have it be the last surface before entering the dining area. If you feel you need those additional burners, go with a larger range; cooking without a hood is un-good.

Moving the fridge to the pantry wall helps consolidate stored food. I might prefer it moved closer to the laundry room door, giving more contiguous counter.

While I like the look of some corner sinks, they seem like they create a lot of dead counter behind them. I would probably widen the window to the patio and move the sink to the exterior wall.

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In the picture, is the fridge on the top wall, to the right of the sink? If so, I agree with your idea of switching fridge and range. Get the range out of the traffic pattern!

Are all of the 45 deg angles there because YOU like them, or because of the architect who drew the home plan? I would get rid of both of them. Make the layout into a simple L-shaped one (or possibly a G-shape, if there is enough room).

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Is that a raised bar for seating? Our kitchen has a bar in the exact same shape; I've never seen a similar one. Our kitchen was built in 1988. I do like our bar (we have 6 barstools on it and use it ALL the time), but I'm not sure I would design a kitchen like that today. It doesn't seem to be the "in" thing. You can click the link below to look at more pics of our kitchen if interested. From Kitchen

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of Kitchen with Raised Bar

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Seattle--we're pretty sold on the corner sink because we have a nice view of forested areas on both sides so it would be nice to see that when working in the kitchen. I like your idea on moving the 2 burner, probably won't lose it because we really want to have it nearby for entertaining.
Angie--45 degree angles were the architect's first draft but this is very preliminary so we are open to changes and will consider making your changes.
Kiko--your kitchen is beautiful, thanks for sharing! We'll think about changing the shape, see above, to maybe L-shaped or something more simple.

We have a long ways to go and appreciate your input!

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