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hadleyMay 13, 2009

Hi. REA just recently switched out our pix to early spring...already time for new exteriors, I know. Other than that, I'd be interested in whatever feedback you have to pass on to the REA. Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Our listing

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Is there a way to make the pictures larger? Or did I just miss something that made the pics bigger than 2 1/2 x 2? On your pics are not much larger but they are a whole lot brighter and easier to see. The pictures are different from your Realtor's website and too.

The view pictures posted on are amazing!

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Actually, the link I posted is to the regional MLS. Yes, you are right, the three sites--MLS,, and REA agency are all different from each other. Not too happy about that, but then maybe there is an upside? The listing photos on the REA's site are still the "go with what we've got" leftovers from last year's listing with a different agent. :( REA did a half-way update on MLS awhile back--that is what now shows up on The MLS site has just been updated the other day. Frankly, I don't think she knows how to update her own website.

Since the MLS (one linked) is the latest, I'd really like feedback focused on that but feedback on the others is welcome, too. Thank you!

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Wow! Your view is stunning, and I'm amazed at the size of your property for that price. Sorry, that doesn't answer your question.

There are some photos on the linked site that I didn't like. One appears to be taken from a breakfast/dining room and shows a snippet of the kitchen. Since the text refers to an upscale remodel of your kitchen, I'd want to see a great photo of it. Another picture shows a second dining area, but seems to focus on the furniture. There's a picture of a corner of a room with a large computer monitor on a desk. I can't get a sense of the room size or features, but only see the furniture and computer. Finally, there's a photo of a hall and stairway that makes the space seem cramped. I'd ask for new photos of those areas, and perhaps leave out the last one in favor of including pictures of both the kitchen and master bath. Hope this helps.

Somewhat OT - reading listings from other parts of the country makes me realize the vast difference in both RE prices and taxes. I'd be delighted to find a building site that's 5 acres with such a lovely view for the price of your home. However, property taxes on a house assessed at your price with homestead exemption would run about 1/5 of what you pay.

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The pictures overall look good but I agree that they are too small. I'd like to see better shots of the kitchen &, IMO, it's a mistake not to include a picture of the master bath. No basement? Seems unusual for NH. Are you on ledge? Have you had any negative feedback regarding the lack of a basement? (Not that you can change that...I was just wondering.) Price seem good. How far are you from New Boston and/or Goffstown?

I lived in Bedford for 4+ years in an 1840s colonial & then Manchester's north-end for another 12+ years in an 1887 New Englander. I love period homes. Your floors are beautiful.

Are you on the same Mountain Road as Ucanoonuc Perennials?

Best of luck with your sale!

To the above poster, property taxes are higher in NH than some other states but, overall, NH has one of the lowest tax rates in the state income tax or sales tax.


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I'm not crazy about the first photo, the one of the house exterior. It's just not a good photograph. It looks like the land slopes toward the camera, you can't see the front door, much of the photo is of dormant grass, and then there is the shadow of the tree. And beyond the Keller-Williams sign, is that the side of another house, or a separate wing of your house? If it is another house, look for a camera angle that doesn't show it.

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I think if they retake the outside picture now that things have begun to leaf out and green up it will help. All the inside shots look fine to me, I like your flooring, especially the kitchen.

Nice house, but the taxes are way higher than what we had in Michigan or here in Az.

Good Luck! Hope you sell quickly with as lttle stress as possible :-)

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Hi! Thank you for the nice comments!

Yes, property taxes are high and very regressive. But, there are no income or sales taxes except restaurant. Most of us would pay less overall tax if there were a graduated income tax, but you cannot convince people of that.

I don't know but assume that the pictures are the size the website templates make them. Does anyone know if it is possible for the REA to change the sizes?

Yes, there is a cellar, but it is only under the original part of the house, which was once a cape. Most of the floor is concrete, some is dirt, the walls are field boulders. There is a below-grade walkout. So, the agent put "partial, walkout" finally on the MLS after several different more complicated tries at trying to describe it. If it were me, I would just put "yes" and be done, but IDK what the MLS rules are.

The structure at the far right end of the house is the attached barn/garage. Perhaps some plantings in front of it would tie it in to the house better visually? Question: In the garage notes, would it sell better to simply say "yes" than to say "4 parking space, attached barn, storage above" which I think is what the REA tried to do. The garage/barn does not have 4 car stalls--the spaces are outside. At one point, DH voiced the thought that people would like the idea of an attached barn and to try to get that in, but I am not sure if it comes across as confusing?

It is hard to get a different angle on the house and show the whole thing...even pix we have from the 1800s are pretty much this view. The original "front door" is not really a useful entry as it is on the "side" of the house, not the road. The real entry is from the porch. I think one of the sites with extra photos has a picture of the porch interior. I am thinking that a shot of the porch, now with flowers in front, might be a good "extra"?

We do have extra photos of the kitchen work area which should, I agree, show up on enhanced sites. It is funny how a different perspective is so helpful. In my mind, the first picture of the "breakfast/dining room" is the kitchen, lol! That straight-on picture showed as much of the whole room from any one angle as possible. The second one showed the buffets and sliders to the back yard. It sounds as if one of the work galley--fridge, range, sink bay--would be useful, too. It is difficult as our MLS, I think, is limited to 12 pictures.

As soon as you mentioned the monitor, I realized we should have ditched that old thing for the picture. That is a home office, designated study/den, I think on the MLS.

We included the one with the staircase as it showed custom woodwork, stone floor, acorn hardware, and the nice turn. It is not original, but had to fit in the original stairwell. But if you thought "cramped" instead of "wow, nice," we will need to rethink that choice.

Keep the comments coming! I will be shooting new exteriors tomorrow and the REA wants to do new interiors and take shots for a VT at our open house this Sunday.

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First, your house is very nice with such nice sized rooms, so much land and and real estate taxes less than what I pay for my Northern NJ Townhouse with hardly any land. I also have to pay high NJ Income Taxes and high sales taxes so New Hampshire looks like a nice place to live with a lower cost of living. Real Estate Taxes in Northern NJ for that much land and that size house I think would be over $40,000 so I do not feel your property taxes are high at all for all you have.

I wish the pictures were bigger or could be clicked bigger. I would post a better picture of the kitchen showing the appliances. I would retake pictures of the outside of the house and view now that spring is here.

Maybe take a picture of the foyer at another angle so the beautiful stair case can be seen and more space is seen.

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Thank you. In re-reading my posts, I think one of the comments may have come across in an unintended way. I should say the REA is a great gal and nothing here should be taken otherwise.

tricia, we are closer to Wilton and Mont Vernon than New Boston, and are actually nestled into the shoulder of Pinnacle Mountain. Not very near Uncanoonuc Perennials, which would be on a different road in Goffstown, I think.

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