Motion sensor kitchen faucets

lynne412April 28, 2013

I am thinking of putting in a motion sense faucet (Haysfield with motionsense from Moen) in the kitchen. Would like any thoughts or experiences with motion sense faucets for the kitchen.

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I thought seriously about it - but decided I adjust the temp so often, probably not worth is for me - I put the "joystick" mounted in the front and just use my forearm if my hands are sticky..

When I was looking - I was ogling Chicago faucets - they seem well made and made in the US as well.

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Get a Tapmaster. I decided against motion sense after thinking about how my cats would love it. Also, people have said they can be temperamental when washing dishes.

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Considering all the trouble I've encountered with motion sensor faucets in public restrooms, I would be hesitant to put one in my kitchen. Also, would it go on when I was simply putting dirty dishes into the sink for later washing? I think touch sensor or Tapmaster would be better options.

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I was thinking on this also...although we have a faucet that we plan on reusing because it's almost new.

I know that motion sensor faucets drive me batty when I try to use them in public I thought about it, I can just imagine how it would be if I had to use it everyday, multiple times a day. We're looking at installing a Tapmaster (if the budget will allow for it)

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I thought about it--especially since I just love the commercial with the woman dancing in her kitchen and using the faucet.

Then, I found out the price.......sigh....

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It's not quite there yet....I just installed the Moen version and it works about 50% of the time. Moen has been great about trying to help but it just does not work very have to wiggle your hands around to get it to go, then like I said about 1/2 the time the sensor lights up but no water. Kind of disappointing for a fairly expensive faucet. I think motion in general just has a ways to go maybe?

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