Does my roof inspector do the job right?

honestguy408May 18, 2014

My sister has bought a house and ordered a roof inspection. The roof inspector had come and left very quick, then sent us a roof inspection report via email. His report does not mention anything about the opening at the chimney flashing, which stated in the property inspection report, with photos attached as proof, that the seller provided. We contact the roof inspector and expressed that we are disappointed on the fact that he has not mentioned about "the opening at the chimney flashing" and we want him to re-inspect the roof. He insists that "the opening at the chimney flashing" is a minor issue and he does not think it needed to be fixed and refuses to re-inspect the roof. I think that openings at chimney flashing allows rain and moisture intrusion and would damage the ceiling and is a serious problem.

Do you think the roof inspector does the job right?

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He ripped you off.

Did he even go up on the roof?

A good inspector would give a complete written report on his letterhead stating the condition of the roof in general and the life expectancy before replacement.

Any irregularities like the flashing issue would be in that report including what repairs are necessary.

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I don't know if he did walk on the roof to do the roof inspection. I was surprised by the fact that he insisted that openings at chimney flashing is a minor issue and he does not think it needs to be fixed. Problems that have potential of causing any damage to the house are serious issue, not minor, and should be repaired. I think he is an irresponsible roof inspector that tried to defend himself by giving an uneducated and unconvincing argument. Am I wrong?

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