Seller removing landscaping - and other issues

ncangieMay 24, 2013


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So, you deleted this before anyone could respond... but so you know, if you search this forum you'll find a thread about a seller having taken some exterior paving stones. Maybe the responses there will help you in your situation.

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Here, I found it for you.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seller took the sidewalk! post

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Yes, I deleted the post after regretting posting to begin with. It was a post made at 3:40 am, after tossing and turning for hours. If the seller was only taking small plants, I wouldn't even notice or care. However, they are taking large ornamentals. I do understand my rights as a buyer, and we are still in due diligence so I was basically just venting.
Thanks for the link, I will give it a read.

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Take photos of everything if you can get in the house and yard. Put the photos on an iPad and use these photos for comparison when you do the walk through the day of/before the closing. If anything is missing DO NOT close. Make the sellers accountable.

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Sometimes a vent is good. And, I never know about the time stamps on here. I've finally figured out the time stamps of posts on here are Eastern time. But, we have people posting from all over the world so the time stamp isn't that useful. Could have been someone posting at 10pm in Hawaii for example.

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READ YOUR CONTRACT! Chances are, there is a standard clause in the contract to prevent the sellers from doing this.

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Here, the description of the property being conveyed has blanks to fill in for the address, lot & block, etc, & then a long list of other things that convey, such as wiring, floor covering, mirrors fixed in place (ie, bathroom mirrors), central air conditioning units, etc.

so start with the paragraph that describes the property.

Good luck.

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