Resurface gunite pool with fiberglass. Need help

scott_homeDecember 16, 2011

Hi all,

I have a gunite/plaster pool that is 25 years old. I am trying to decide between Pebble Sheen and Fiberglass for resurfacing. Many people here compliment about the pebble product. Did anyone use fiberglass in a resurfacing project? What are the pros and cons? Thanks.


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I would not use fiberglass. As a PB, I have used most finishes including fiberglass. I used fiberglass for specific applications. I would not recommend it for a normal replaster. It is a very difficult material to remove should you want to in the future.
Pebble-Tec products work well and last well. The quartz products are also very good. Good luck.

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I strongly agree with golfgeek on this. F/G needs periodic painting, will blister, and never has the shiny, glossy look of a real F/G pool. I have seen many a fly by night F/G company. The main reason for the Fly By Night characterization is the poor, mid and long term durability issues and promises of a life time warranty are pure hogwash.

Proper plastering, regardless of what finish you use is a far better choice.

There are different cost for different plastering products. On the low end of the scale is plain white plaster and on the high end are the high aggregates such as PT. There are many in between products also.


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With over 30 years in fiberglass pool resurfacing experience (we are definitely no fly-by-night), our experience shows that fiberglass, installed properly, will far outlast plaster. Take a look at our website and facebook page to see sample pictures and customer references. PT makes beautiful pools, but even those don't last forever. The last 3 years we have been getting more and more calls to come resurface over PT. Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Fiberglass Pool Resurfacing Info

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