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mjptDecember 1, 2010

We have finished a new pool in central Florida, the contractor used two LED lights from Nexus, and they installed a Jandy PDA automation system. Come to find out that the lights and the Jandy system, and for that matter no other manufacture can run the lights. The only way to truly control the lights is to go out to the Jandy control box on the side of the house as no switch was run. The nexus lights are new I guess and fit in a standard return. My question is what should I make the PB do? Replace the light with all that demo??? Could that even be done? We have pavers with full screen enclosure. The PB keeps saying they are working on a fix, but the whole prosses has led me to realize I will need to have my own in place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Why didn't they just wire the transformer to a relay for high voltage?

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They are low voltage lights, they just use a three second time to change between colors rather than what I guess is industry standard one second. So I can tun them on just not control them.

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I think he meant feed the 120VAC the PSU needs for the lights from a relay.


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My question is why didn't the idiot builder put in lights that were compatible with your Jandy system in the first place?

That system has the ability to select many colors and shows with the proper LED install. I believe it supports color logic, jandy and pentair to some extent out of the box.

Will it be necessary to tear up the decking etc to change out the light?

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They did something wrong. You should be able to turn the light off and on from the controller and switch colors.
They do work off of a 1sec off time.

The lights wire to a M4 control box and then to the jandy.

I have not used these lights with a jandy system, but it should be no different.

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What controlers have you used other then Jandy? Speaking with the Nexus rep I was told that they will not work with other systems. Thanks in advance!

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Nexus lights can be ran to a relay in the Jandy controller.They are low voltage and have to go thru a transformer...but I have several jobs ran to the E-Z problems.I think you are being mis-informed.

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