Master Bedroom/Master Bathroom Paint Colors

cherriMay 20, 2010

Need advice on paint colors.

Is your Master Bedroom and Master Bath the same color or different? Is is a coordinating color or contrasting?

Looking at painting bedroom S.W. Halcyon Green (color reads more on the blue than green side in my room). Have a long hallway leading into bathroom. What color would you paint hallway, the bedroom or bath color? Was thinking of using a contrasting color in the taupey family. Any suggestions?

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some how I posted a new message,,duh...don't know what I was doing. LOL> Anyway pics and colors are in a new thread..".mine are all in the same family", sorry for the inconvenience. c

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The downstairs of our house is a mostly open floor plan so we went with BM Shelburne Buff which is a goldish tan color. Our bedroom is a dark greenish gray but for our bathroom we went with the goldish tan of the main part of the downstairs. So the hallway leading to our bedroom is the same goldish tan too.

So my answer is contrasting but usually I would have painted the bathroom the same color as the bedroom. In this case, the color was too dark for my taste for a bathroom.

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Trailrunner: Thank you for posting the pictures, I found em. I love how you did the step down in shades for your hall and then into your bathroom. What a cheerful space.

Megsy: I am having the same challenge thinking that the paint will be too dark for the hallway and the master bath. My hallway cannot be seen from the other areas of my home. It is a long hallway leading from my master bedroom to the master bath. Our closets are off that hallway, so there is only filtered light from bedroom and bathroom windows.

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Mine are in the same family.....Mannered gold in master bedroom and Ivorie in bathroom. I had complimentary colors in my bedroom and bath in my former home. Below is a link if you wanna peek.......good luck with your painting!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Bonnie: Thank you for sharing your link to your home, it is absolutely beautiful. I am fairly new to this website, I sure wish I would have known about it when we built three years ago. Would love to post some pictures, just haven't figured it out yet. I love Mannered Gold, it was one of the colors I was looking at to paint my Great Room. I am slowly repainting our house as I just chose a "safe" SW color to paint the whole house, so picking the new bolder colors is scarey. But, as they say "It's only paint", plus hours, and hours, of work.

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cherri we had the same thing...a LONG hallway from the bedroom to the bath with no windows and closets off of the whole length. When we remodeled we changed the configuration of the space and that is when we opened the closet into the bath and the wall was closed into the bedroom. This gave us so much more privacy in the AM and more flexibility for the space. I really like steps in colors. It makes sense to me to lighten /darken as you leave the rooms that are adjacent. I hope you will post with your final decision. c

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Thank you so much Cherri for you sweet compliments! I wish you the best finding the perfect paint for your house....I played it safe also when building 6 yrs. ago and went with Ivorie thru out the downstairs public rooms and bedroom bath. Later changed the DR to restrained gold and the bedroom to mannered gold. then just this past Oct. changed the LR to raspberry red. I think you get more comfortable in your home the longer you are there and are willing to take more risks. Now I wish I had painted Mannered gold in the FR which is a 22 ft. ceiling room...ha! The Ivorie is staying for now until DH decides to hire a painter....LOL! But go for it if you are building....once blinds are up, furniture is in , pictures and art are hung.....the paint colors tone down. I especially love the mannered gold. It made the tones in our bedroom furniture seem much richer. I left the bathroom Ivorie since gold isn't my color in clothing shades and was afraid it might make us look sallow or jaundiced in the bathroom. We had thought of wallpapering it buy life gets in the way sometimes and projects get put on hold. But the deeper shades on that paint strip, restrained gold & mannered gold are very pretty colors. Have fun! Bonnie

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