Home Warranty Exposé, a new one this week

FatHenMay 22, 2009

Home Court Advantage: How the Building Industry Uses Forced Arbitration to Evade Accountability. http://www.fairarbitrationnow.org/content/home-court-advantage-how-building-industry-uses-forced-arbitration-evade-accountability

This came out this week from Public Citizen. Because I heavily used info from consumer org's during my construction defect case, I became aware of some pitfalls of arbitration in time. Long story short, I avoided it. In networking with others I saw how devastating it was to get ripped again in arbitration for those who weren't so lucky. IMO home warranties are not worth the paper they're printed on. Something to think about if your builder is using them. You might want to consider declining it. And don't agree to arbitration in the builder's contract either of course.

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SAD... looks like arbitration--a once honest process I have seen used to expeditious effect for both parties in the high-tech industry--has become yet another casualty of the housing bubble SCAM-O-RAMA!

It's a dirty risky biz, homebuilding is, even moreso when the internationalist Wall St. SUPER-criminal oligarchs get their hands in it. GRRrRrr...

Of course the positive examples I'm thinking of are 2 or more similar-sized high-tech companies, or a company vs. a venture cap firm, and NOT a huge company like KB Homes vs. the individual consumer.

Thanks for posting that link. Makes it easy to see where the vested interests lie. GRRrrr...

PS: How much fewer warranty claims would there be if "undocumented" labor was not used to build these homes????

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