Finally have a floor plan - will you please give input?

Kitten1313April 3, 2013

Please let me know what you think of this design. We are converting our old garage into a kitchen and opening it up to our family room. Not a popular idea on GW, I know, but we want to maximize our lake views. :)

Thanks in advance for all of your wisdom!

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Can you use a pocket door for the pantry? Imagining gathering supplies to cook dinner and pantry door might be open at the same time as refridgerator.

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I will check with architect - it may be more expensive than it's worth. I'm hoping to have the freezer door closest to pantry, which would hopefully result in less crossover.

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Perhaps change the door hinge/swing on the pantry so it doesn't hit freezer and reverse. It is really nice that the dining seats at the lower island are in front of that triple window. One thing I noticed that might be a problem over time is that the fridge is quite a way from the family room, the dining room, and the island seats. Do you plan another beverage and snack area? Having the fridge where it is now is great for your work triangle, so I'm not sure you'd want to move it. One possibility is to swap it with the desk, but then the cook is walking a long way...

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Thank you for the feedback. Good idea to try flipping the hinge.

We put the fridge there for the work triangle but also because we plan to house our vitamix right next to it, near the prep sink, as we use a lot of fresh (and frozen) produce on a daily basis.

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