98% Finished Kitchen - Before and After Pics

hgluckmanApril 12, 2010

We're finally in the home stretch on our remodel and I think it's time to post before and after. Besides the normal punch list items (not many left) we still have to hook up our filtered hot/cold water system - we've been waiting for one missing part for over a week - arrrrgghhh. We also will be getting the hardwood floors refinished, but we want to take a breather (literally and figuratively) before we do that - plus we need to find a good place to board our cats.

Enough of the preliminaries. We had our house built 19 1/2 years ago, and have enjoyed our kitchen the entire time. With only a single oven, we still managed to have some really nice dinner parties including Christmas dinner for 35 a couple of times. For the two of us it's worked really well. So, going in, we decided we wanted to update the appliances - including getting a double oven, replace the formica countertops, and freshen up the look somewhat. DW also *really* wanted the filtered water system (soon, soon).

Here's what it looked like when we started:

From Kitchen Before

From Kitchen Before

From Kitchen Before

After 19 years, the cabinets had faded considerably:

From Kitchen Before

Here's how we envisioned the remodel in SketchUp - I would have more samples of this, but my hard drive crashed and I lost a lot :-(

From Kitchen Remodel

The table on the far right was just a concept, and the bar stools haven't been bought yet, but here's the actual result:

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

Another thing to be done is we're going to have the outlets and switches and switchplates painted to match the background

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

Here's some closer looks at the cabinets and the new hardware:

From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

Thanks to all on this forum for their advice both direct and indirect.

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VERY nice job! You had great bones to begin with, and while it did look really nice at the start, it looks even nicer with the re-fresh. Enjoy!

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It looks fabulous! I LOVE the backsplash and the glass in the island cabinets!!!

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Wow! That is fabulous! I love how your Sketchup concept came to life. Love your dish display and your backsplash and your great use of turquoise and copper tones. Beautiful!

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Good job! Did you do the work yourself? It is a nice combination of re-use of quality materials and modernization. Congrats!

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Looks great...I really love the back splash, it's beautiful!!!

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Love the combination of the browns and the turquoise/blue tones. It really looks almost exactly like your computer rendering! How about some details-cabinets, countertop, backsplash. Your kitchen radiates warmth/earthiness and elegance at the same time. Love it!!

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Beautiful. Classy. Love it! That tile is gorgeous...

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Love your display cab--I'm hoping to do smaller display hutch in my remodel. Great turquoise accents with tiles & glassware. What are your countertops--I love them!

Wishing you many years of happiness and great cooking in your new kitchen!

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Nice job! I love the backsplash.

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Thanks everyone...

busybme: No we didn't do it ourselves - thank goodness - this was bad enough. We've done plenty of DIY in the past, and actually considered some for this project, but we hired it all out. I did make the shelf over the sink, which was a challenge in itself since the walls kind of form a parallelagram instead of a rectangle.

flwrs_n_co: The display cabinet - I assume you mean the lower glass front cabinets on the island - were actually part of the original design. We've liked them a lot over the years.

chris45ny: you asked for details - here they are!

Cabinets: Most of the cabinets are from the original kitchen. They were made by a local custom cabinet maker, who was pretty small at the time, and since gone high-end. We wanted to have a few pieces - oven cabinet, refrigerator panel, microwave cabinet and the new drawers for the island riser - made to match, and the rest refinished. After thinking I was never going to find anyone willing or able to do the new work and the refinishing, I found a custom cabinet maker in the area willing to take it on. He did a great job! If anyone in the Denver metro area is looking for a cabinet maker recommendation, I've got one for you - MJB Custom Woodworking. The pulls are RK International Half-Moons in distressed copper. In order to match the previous ones we had to stick with 3 1/2 inch centers - not a popular size. We're happy with the choice we made from limited options

The countertop is 3-cm Russian Sable granite. The great thing was the slabs were quite wide (130-inches), so we have no seams at all on the island, and only one at the sink (after rejecting a seam over the dishwasher - detailed in a previous thread). As far as I can tell that's Arizona Tile's name for it, but I haven't found the same thing anywhere else. It's almost exactly, but not quite completely different from Tan-Brown, Baltic Brown, and some of those variants.

The backsplash was DW's project, and I think she hit it out of the park. We had wanted a copper glass tile, but hadn't found anything. One day, she was poking around on-line and found the deco mosaic, which is called Nutmeg Versailles from Unique Building Concepts. She went to their website, and found the matching 6x6 field tile on closeout at $2/sf! We bought all of it - about 20-30 tiles too many, then started work on putting it all together.

We weren't wild about one of the colors in the mosaic - kind of a khaki color - so she came up with the idea of putting in a solid copper medallion from Landmark Metalcoat to replace the 2x2s and some teal glass tiles from Crossville for the 1x1s. The liners are from Dal-Tile and the copper quarter round that you see behind the sink (also at the ends of the island) are from Landmark.

The appliances are SubZero BI-36R all refrigerator, Kenmore upgright freezer (behind the louvered door to the pantry), KitchenAid 27-inch double oven, Panasonic microwave (replacing one I damaged disconnecting it from it's old spot). The cooktop is our original KitchenAid 36-in gas cooktop - we like it better than anything currently on the market, and the downdraft is a Broan Eclipse with a remote blower. The filtered water system is a Waterstone faucet - hard to find a clean modern look in black - the standard hot tank, an Oasis chiller and Everpure filter. The filter and chiller are located below the sink in the basement. The sink is a Blanco Silgranit in anthracite, and the faucet is a Kohler Clairette.

Since I'm thinking of it, here's a couple of pics of the pantry:
From Kitchen Remodel

From Kitchen Remodel

Oh, and the best thing about the whole house is the view off our deck (visible from the kitchen):
From Kitchen Remodel

That's 14K-ft Long's Peak in the upper right.

Thanks for all the nice comments. They're very appreciated!

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What a great view!

I love your cabinets. A new set of photos for my inspiration kitchens file. What could be boring slab doors are really sharp looking with the simple inset strips, and the new hardware makes a great difference. The new cabinets on the back of the island are gorgeous. Very nice and elegant update, overall. Enjoy!

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Wow - what a view!! I get to see neighbor houses. I love, love the backsplash - wonderful job.

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With a view like that, who wants to cook in the kitchen. I'd be on that deck just feasting my eyes on the beauty of nature with a good book and a great bottle of wine. You have now got the best of both-great kitchen space and a view that is captivating!!!

Thanks for the details. You really did kick it out of the ballpark with that backsplash. Amazing how the different tiles from all the different companies meshed together so nicely. You took some chances and they paid off big time.

Congratulations on a very well done remodel.

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Beautiful view!
You really did a great job of truly enhancing what you had and updating to make it current. Looks VERY NICE!!!!!

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Your SketchUp rendering is amazing, and your kitchen is lovely, spacious, and so worker-friendly.

And that VIEW!!!!

I'm spending a lot of time gazing at it on my computer...if I lived there, I'd be a goner!

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Great job. Love the backsplash -- my absolute favorite color combination, and your understated cabinets set it off beautifully.

Geeze, that view.... how *do* you get anything done? I'd feel like I was on vacation 24/7.

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Excellent remodel! Love your original/new cabs, the accent colors and the backsplash. Lovely!

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That is a beautiful update. Perfect with the house and your location.

Thanks for following up and showing the pics.

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Very nice. You did a great job and the view is awesome!!!

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DW and I thank everyone for their very nice comments!

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May I archive your kitchen in the Finished Kitchens Blog?
You can either email me with permission (starpooh@gmail.com) or indicate your permission in this posting.
Then, at a later time, please submit the FKB Category Checklist so I can easily categorize your kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: FKB Category Checklist

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I am so excited for you -- it looks amazing!!! As I drive up the Diagonal I've been thinking of you all (because the cats count too!) and hoping it's been smooth sailing. Thank you so much for sharing these photos of your stunning space.

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Starpooh: Please post my kitchen to the finished kitchen blog. I've created a post in the gallery that you can use (link below). I'll fill out the Category Checklist shortly.

rmkitchen: Thanks for your good wishes, Brooke! As I think you know we used the same contractor. Not everything went smoothly, but we're happy with the result.

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchen Posting in Gallery

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I LOVE your Pantry and your view is gorgeous! The changes in the kitchen really update the kitchen. Thank you for sharing.

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