Gunite slide ?

bruce_poolguyDecember 15, 2010

to all of you pool builder folks . . . I build pools myself and am having trouble with the sealer on gunite slides not lasting more than one season. What is your take on sealers / tile or some other fashion of making the slide surface last longer and also stay slippery for the kiddies.

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We use "penny rounds". Small penny sized tiles that come in mats. One of my clients in NY swears by this new Eco finish butI have not seen it in person yet. I am planning on a going to the Atlantic City Pool Show this year and will take a closer look at the Eco Finish then.

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I've build five or six concrete slides in the DFW area. I've had better luck with poured concrete than gunite. Easier to finish smooth. I've tried many sealers and coatings, but had the best luck with a epoxy coating. It has lasted up to two years before needing a new coat. I also have the homeowner apply a wax coat,(floor wax), about once mounth. Seems to keep it slippery longer. For a look,

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We had a Rico Rock rep on site during our pool build a few years we were talking about slides, he said for concrete slides they use the super absorbent material found in baby diapers and apply this to surface of the poured concrete when still wet. Apparently, this material is sold in bottles separately as a polymer of some sort...just google super absorbent polymer.

After 10 minutes or so, the surface of the slide is troweled smooth as the material makes for a very slippery and durable surface. Made sense to me, but I have no experience with this type of slide construction....ours is a fiberglass slide.

Hope this helps.

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