low fico score and loan

memaof4May 3, 2009

my mother and I have really low fico scores 560-585 just wondering if together-our income is 2100 per month or so and it is ss disability and ss pension and a small military pension from my deceased father we are wanting to sell the house we are in due to expense of keeping up so much house and move to a small manufactured home -the price with the bricking etc is close to 85000-we should have about 50000 to put as down payment does any one think that we could get a 30k-35k loan with these scores maybe FHA thanks for your help

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Find a reputable mortgage broker and talk with them.

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Do you belong to a credit union? Also instead of buying a manufactured home, --not sure if this is the same as what we use call trailers etc -- which decreases with value, have you considered other alternatives. Many assisted living places have small apartments you can rent based on income. Also many communities have apartment complexes based on income. You might talk to someone in your area about investing all the money into a home and what kind of savings you have or should have. I am asuming your mom is a senior citizen. Contact AARP, Senior commission of aging, your senior center for finanical advice on whether you should buy or rent.

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You really need to talk to a mortgage broker. But generally speaking, a large enough down payment usually makes your FICO scores not as important and it looks like are wanting to put down more than half. Mariend makes a good point into researching assisted living places.

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I know around here most mortgage brokers are really stuck on a score of 620. I'd definitely investigate your loans before you sold your home. A realtor was telling us about a couple who had just sold their home the other day, and were surprised when they went to apply for a new loan to find out that their credit wasn't good enough, now they have to rent something as their house has already closed.

Also take the time to work on your credit now. With some diligence you can improve your score over the next few months.

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I have to ask, are you Charles from Phoenix City?

You and your Mom financially should not buy anything until you sell what you have.

Your monthly income is $2100, even if someone gives you a loan, you cant afford to make two mortgage payments if your present home takes awhile to sell.

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