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K8OrlandoJune 27, 2012

I feel like I'm pretty aware of the big quilt shows but there must be hundreds of exhibits and events across the country every year. Here's one I didn't know anything about - from March 2011 - until I came across the picture today. I'm awestruck by this picture and so wish I had known about it. I think it would have been worth using some frequent flyer points to get to New York to see this exhibit!


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Wow! I wonder where they got all those quilts in the same color scheme. (Or if they just look similar due to lighting or something.)


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The exhibit was specifically for red and white quilts. I'm not a huge fan and haven't planned to make one but my local quilting buddy Marilyn LOVES them. After seeing this picture, I could change my mind!

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That's pretty cool! A few on here have done red and white for their birthday blocks and they always turn out so pretty.

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My first thought was pink and white for a breast cancer auction. It's a great display.


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I've never seen anything like that before. Amazing. I love red and white quilts but it could be done with any color scheme or just all quilts of a show. No white gloves needed. You can see both sides easily. Sorry I missed that show!

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Watch the You Tube on this exhibition. These amazing quilts made me love Red and White Quilts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Red and White Quilts

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I hadn't been drawn to them before but now that I've seen them I have to put a red/white on my list. The ever-growing list.

I'm just in awe of the way the quilts are displayed too. It's brilliant. I think if I had been there this would have moved me to tears. I was a mess when our local gallery had the Gees Bend quilts - overcome with the creativity, simple beauty and spirit of those quilts and quilters.

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Gosh ladies, I was AT this Show the last weekend it was up, it was during the same weekend as my First Guild Show, yes Spring 2011, was weekend of March 26 & 27.

I was a volunteer white glove type at this event for several hours, turning quilt corners to show details, but largely protecting them from folks walking in between them & bumping them, as they passed through. The lowest hanging quilts were several feet off the floor, so they were low enough to be bumped into in passing.

I can't see YOU TUBE at work, don't know if this Exhibit was explained, described, etc.

Short synopsis: it's ONE WOMAN'S collection, I believe it was 450 of them from her collection of 650 of them. This magically staged show was a gift to the woman for her 80th Birthday from her husband (if I recall correctly). She wanted them shown in a grouping all together & while I can't recall the name of the design group who designed & staged the exhibit itself, I assure you their staging of this Show had a huge impact & likely will influence the staging of many future shows.

I dislike red strongly, but this Show was just astounding & monumental to see. Wonderful but overwhelming, I went from 3 hrs. of this to being white glove lady at my first Guild Show. Can you imagine how visually overstimulated & then wonderfully exhausted I was? It was a show for the ages, held in a HUGE space called the Park Avenue Armory which was a regimental armory that had been abandoned for some time & then has recently been brought back to life (& is still being restored) which has since been converted into use as a major exhibit venue.

One of the perks of being a New Yorker, to see this in person. Oh, BTW it was free another aspect dictated by the Owner, how cool is that???

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WOW...how spectacular and it's more amazing to me after reading about the quilt artist and her husbands gift to her.

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Here is a link that gives more information on the awesome show.


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Hi Kate,

Thanks so much for posting this. I viewed it at home & thoroughly enjoyed it (again). What a treat!!

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This is very impressive, especially after reading the details of the show!! I can't imagine ever doing that many quilts. And so many are not simple quick quilts, either. Amazing!

Thank you for sharing and all the details.


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One thing that isn't apparent from seeing it like this is that all of these quilts were hung in pairs. That is to say it had another quilt hanging behind it, so you never saw the back of a quilt, rather always another quilt. So the show's stagers also had to match these quilts by size into pairs, the entire exhibit is pairs like that, if you understand how I'm explaining it. Just stupendous!!!

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