How To Sell Home Fast!?

countryliving87May 5, 2012

I have a 2 br 1 br home with an 1 br apartment above the 2 car garage. I paid $20,000 for it 4 years ago. It was hardly livable. We put about $10,000+ into the home over the 4 years we have owned it. We are currently moving some stuff to storage to repaint, touch up ect and put the home up for sell. Wanting to get $25,000 for our house.

We would love if we could get it sold FAST, because there is another house on the market owned by HUD for $32,000 that we are VERY interested in. We have nothing to put as a down payment (and our credit is not great) but wanting to use the sell money from our house to put down on the new home. This other home, will not be on the market for long, its a heck of a deal!

We are not looking to have an auction, because I know we will get screwed out of thousands of dollars. It is still a fixer uper and still needs work but worth way more than we are asking. How do we get our home sold fast, to be able to put a deal down on this new house before its too late?? What are our options??

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Pricing it below what it is worth is the fastest way to get a deal. Couple this by exposing it to the largest amount of able, willing and ready buyers and it will sell fast.
But you will still be short on funds it sounds like. Most banks will not do a home loan for less than $50,000.
Good Luck.

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If you have fair or bad credit, you probably won't get a loan anyway. Maybe selling it, renting, cleaning up your credit would be a better idea.

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Before you sell your current home, you need to make absolutely certain that you are able to secure funds, one way or another.

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