What style are these cabinets?

ILoveRedApril 22, 2013

They are not inset are they? They are not overlay. What are they? I really like this kitchen.

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I think they are inset, but each "unit" whatever that is from top to bottom sits in the same inset rather than each door or drawer front being inset.

I have also seen an "inset" appearance created with full overlay where a filler and an overlay are placed between individual cabinets. --But this looks like true inset.

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They are inset without any horizontal rails. Which makes them structurally suspect for long term usage. Or else they have horizontal rails occupying space inside the inset, overlaid with the doors, taking away space from your storage.

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Inset with continuous face frames is the highest end custom stuff. They are not individual boxes screwed together, they are solid units. Judging by the price, they probably took every precaution to prevent warping, like solid dividers between drawers so it stays ridiculously solid and nothing untoward can travel from drawer to drawer. In fine furniture, these are called dust panels or separators.

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I am curious about what makes them "structurally suspect"? How is it different from frameless cabinets that don't have horizontal rails either?


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Thanks. Sound like something the average consumer probably could not or would not spend $$$ on. Is this kitchen the same type of cabinetry? So pretty. Sounds like they are not practical either.

Thanks for all of the knowledgable responses.

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Casey is right, I had a full overlay on my uppers but it was full overlay over a full face frame over one continuous unit for one bank of uppers and one continuous unit over my other bank of uppers.

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