Are you quilting this weekend? June 8-10

lindaoh_gwJune 8, 2012

I plan to work on blocks for a swap. I ordered background fabric for the swap and it arrived yesterday. I finished a quilt top for an online QAL yesterday.

Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

Here is a link that might be useful: Sliced Apples QAL

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Lesson 3 of my Quilt U Bargello Twist class will be posted this evening, so I plan to work on that. Also need to make the label for the taupe quilt so I can give it to Pastor Beth on Monday, and as long as I have the machine set up for embroidery I guess I'll make the label for Roll, Roll that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

If I have any time left after those I'll start getting my T shirt quilt ready to load on the frame.


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Again, no quilting for me this week-end. I've been in northern IN, close to IN/MI state line since Wednesday night (Jaycie and I had an extended sleep over) and going back to Warsaw tomorrow for one of DGD's Dance Troupe's performances. Then hurry back to DD's and pack for a 2 week trip to MN on Sunday morning. Maybe I'll be able to sleep at least until we stop at the cheese store in WI. @:)

Linda, Will you be able to get to your guild's quilt show?


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I thought I was done quilting in my life, but I have a new grandaughter, so she needs a little quilt from grandma. Haven't quilted in quite some time, so I have to refresh myself a bit but it's coming back to me. I picked a simple pattern but had trouble with picking the fabric. I raised boys, so the girly stuff was hard to select. Finally wound up with some daisies and bunnies. I do hope to work on it this weekend.

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I'd like to quilt Melanie's baby quilt, and maybe/hopefully go on a binding prep spree and get binding ready for 5 ! quilts. Don't know if I'll get them sewn on or not, but maybe.

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Congratulations on the new grandaughter, Socks!

Still working on the Seabreeze Nickel Quilt - on the borders now, hope to be ready to sandwich this weekend!

Also, made two nice patchwork and quilted Kindle cases last weekend. My co-worker friend and I am lovin' those! They are really quick to make too.


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I will finish up the border quilting and binding on a baby quilt that must get off to Germany next week. (I'll post a picture.) I will wash and dry it to remove quilting marks so the sooner I get started, the better. Once my obligations are done, I can move on to the next project for myself. I'm still working on my depression block project when I can.

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No sewing for me, but the entire weekend, will be spent either working or playing at the local Quilt Show. I start working to help set up this afternoon.

For those of you with raffle tickets - cross your fingers!!!!

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Socks, daisies and bunnies sound perfect for a baby girl!

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I am sorting scraps. I had been tossing them into a plastic tub and thought I might to use some of them up making some scrappy blocks (way out of my comfort zone!). Well, the tub is such a mess, I can't make anything until it is sorted & ironed! Onece I get that finished, I would like see what I can come up with - they may end up being potholders, who knows!?

My quilt group met last night and we did some "ice-dying" on fabric. We used a method from the June/July issue of Quilting Arts Magazine. It has to sit for 24 hours, so will wash it out tonight. I am anxious to see how it turns out.

I am also trying to get packed for a 3-week trip to Croatia, Czech Republic & Germany. We leave on Monday. The house needs to be cleaned & yard attended to.

DH had to fly to Arizona Wednesday because his mom had a stroke & is in the hospital. She is doing better, making slow progess, so he is okay about leaving on the trip.

Guess I should go run the vacuum then treat myself to more computer/sewing time!

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Wow, Sue, that sounds like quite a trip! I'm glad your DH won't be too worried about his mom. Didn't you just get back from Mexico? :)


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Probably no quilting here this weekend, though I've received some magazines with great ideas this past week! Instead, I've got to take some time and rein in my fabric and quilting books, they're taking over the! No complaints have been made yet, but I'd like to keep it that way, know what I mean? So far the fabric and books/magazines have taken over the sewing desk, cat chair (yes, I'm afraid the cats have their own chair in my office), and dining table.
Anyone else facing this problem?
(don't tell anyone, but more fabric is on it's way, I found a great sale online last weekend!)


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Choosing some fabric for the June lotto blocks right now. I did some FM quilting on my tablerunner, but I can only do it for about an hour or so. I am so tense trying to control the speed and direction (I'm drawing a pattern and then following it) that my arms and legs cramp up. I think I need to lighten up and loosen up! I think a good log cabin block is just what I need right now.

My husband and his two sons come home from a week of camping and fishing in the Boundary Waters tomorrow afternoon, so all h**l will break loose then. There'll be boats and tents and sleeping bags and coolers everywhere. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet while I can. It will be so good to see the boys though. They live and work in Denver, so we don't see them often enough.

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Got the grand-kids this weekend, so doubt I'll even see the sewing room. I did spend time on a scrap flannel log cabin top this past week, now to decide what to do to finish it. Dan, I'm very fortunate that I have a sewing room where all the clutter stays. I very rarely let it navigate out of there except a couple of weeks ago when the air conditioner was broken down and it was too hot in there to work. I brought out the string quilt on the dining room table and worked on it the whole day they were replacing the air unit. Two fans running and all the windows open, still got up to 89 degrees.

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I didn't expect to be, but just spent a very relaxing hour mid-day quilting and knotting along the border of one I'm close to finishing. My step-daughter and her family are visiting from Texas but they're off to other family functions this evening. I'm usually busy doing the chores or projects in the shank of the day, but today I'm pampering myself with someting really enjoyable........just to keep in the mood of their visit. It's a celebration of my DH's birthday and it's been fun.

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I'm thinking about sitting down and starting to resew the pinwheel blocks. As you can tell, I'm still by the computer and not by the sewing machine!

Dan, I just picked up the house 2 weekends ago and put all my quilty stuff where it should be. But, I need to do it again! I have some fabrics that found me since then and I need to put them away. My sewing area is looking more picked up since I finished the quilting part of a current project, so it is off the table. It is a wedding quilt. I have another one to do. I'm dragging my feet on it because the color pallets for both of these wedding quilts is similar - tan, brown, gray, gray-blue, blue. I must confess they just don't stir me. Has anyone seen some great ideas for using that color scheme?


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I've been sewing all day on the commissioned Seabreeze quilt. Had to make a run to Hobby Lobby to get the backing. Also made five large 4-patch blocks to put on the back. I'm pleased with the way this has turned out, but, LORD, someone please stop me when I agree to make a twin size bed quilt. I'm going to stick with lap and baby quilts from now on.

Now I just have to quilt that sucker.......sigh......


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I have two major quilts in the works right now. One is a 1930s block quilt done in 30s repro fabric for my mom. I am using the birthday blocks I got this year and adding about 28 more to it. Also working on a "Flowers for my Wedding Ring" (judy Miemeyer pattern) for my nephew who is getting married on New Years day. I have been switching between these two and another applique BOM that I am doing. Keeps me from getting stagnate doing just one thing. I got about 3 hours in sewing today. Hope I can do the same tomorrow.


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I have been working on the Monkey Bars quilt and I can't say I have been having a good time. Lots of issues with the measurements. I guess I will just have to go with what is and ignore what is purported to be. Mine are consistent and I have triple checked measurements so there isn't much more I can do. So much for kits.

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Well, I didn't get to quilt, but the fabric is now off the diningroom table and I did go through all the magazines in the house, quilting and otherwise. Who knew there were so many??? I also got some needed yardwork done this morning, so that was a good thing. Now I'm going to go pop some popcorn and enjoy some time with my kindle. I'm thinking some Ray Bradbury would be good this evening. I've always liked his writing! It's sad that he passed away this past week...


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Sunday evening and I've been hoping to get some quilting in all day. Didn't happen. I had a great day yesterday in the silk painting class, but I'll have to wait almost 2 weeks to get any quilting done! Next weekend I'll be traveling to my Father in Law's 90th birthday celebration.

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