Do we HAVE to open the pool every year?

xamsxDecember 19, 2008

Forgive me if this question has been posted before. I did a search and didn't find the answer.

We live in WNY. Our pool season is May - September. We have an in-ground pool, 23,450 gallons, approximately 30 years old with a mesh tie-down cover (one of the ones you can technically stand on). The pool has a heater. We've owned the house for three years and a pool service has opened and closed the pool every year. My husband and I seldom, if ever, use the pool. It has been used only by my son and his friends. My son is moving across the country and so we are seriously considering not opening the pool next season. Since we don't use it, we figure we can save 2K on the opening, closing, chemicals, heating, water, etc not to mention the time, effort and energy that goes into cleaning and maintaining the pool.

Will it harm the pool to not be opened? Is there anything special we need to do to extend the pool closure?

Thank you for any help and input.

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When I was a kid, my neighbors decided to not open their pool. Of course, in no time it was dark green.
One night after a really good nite of channel cat fishing, we threw in about 10 of our biggest ones. They lived for at least 5 or 6 years. After that, I moved on, so they may still be alive for all I know. Every once in a while the neighbor kid would "fish" for them, and then throw them back.
If catfish do not appeal to you, maybe get some Koi. But you will never be able to enjoy them, because the water will be pitch black.

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No, you don't have to open it but when it is finally opened, expect a major cleanup. The algae will likely grow like kelp.
You will also probably have phosphates that will need to be treated.

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Well, since the pool has the hard, tie-down mesh cover I'm not too worried about kids tossing fish in the pool. ;)

Since we do use a professional service to open the pol, extra algae will be their problem. I was more concerned about some possible damage to the pool surface or pipes if the pool isn't opened.

Thanks for the reassurance. :-)

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Shucks, I really thought you would like my catfish pond option.
Also with no chlorine, mosquitos will love the place to lay eggs.
You can probably have it filled in for your $2000 yearl expense, and then be done with it.
Just be sure to disclose this if you ever sell.

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The mosquitoes would be a really big concern... if my brother didn't own a pest control company and spray monthly.

I would LOVE to fill it in. I've been outvoted every year, however.

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We have the same issue and also live in Western NY. There is just my husband and I and we have a HUGE in ground pool. We do all the opening and closing. I hate it. We love the house tho, so we put up with it. We are young but we work and are busy and the upkeep on the pool is time-consuming.

We were always told that you have to open the pool or the liner could be damaged. Also, during the summer it WILL smell. It will basically be a stagnant pond and grow algea and smell. We also have a newer tied down mesh cover and water and air does get through the cover, in addition to dirt and pollen ect. Also if you do not open the pool you will have to drain it every so often because the rain will fill the pool up and it will get too full.

When I read about filling in a large in-ground pool it looked like it would cost us 5-10 grand (depending on the way the pool is constructed) I never actually called anyone for a real quote but this was the cost according to other people on this site.


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Wow, the smell was something I never considered, Renee. Thanks so much for bringing up that point. I guess we will have to reevaluate.

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