Intelliflo VS+SVRS approved or not?

chulamanDecember 1, 2008

Deeker and any other experts:

Based upon advice on this forum and the Pentair website I purchased an Intelliflo VS+SVRS for my spa and canceled my order for a VAC-ALERT.

I had my rough plumbing inspection today and when the inspector looked for the drain vent line, which I do not have I told him about the pump. As it was new, he questioned if if was approved by the local jurisdiction, i.e, Seminole County, Florida.

Upon opening the manual (which was not available online when I made the purchase), here is what we found:

-A statement that the pump complies with ASME/ANSI A112.19.17-2002 SVRS standard

Of course, I can not tell if that means it meets the Florida Building Code which defines approved as:

APPROVED. Accepted or acceptable under an applicable specification stated or cited in this code, or accepted as suitable for the proposed use under procedures and power of the administrative authority.

ASME/ANSI A112.19.17-2002 SVRS is not referenced, leaving me, I think subject to the whims of the "administrative authority"

- The manual also has lots and lots of disclaimers about how the pump WILL NOT act as an SVRS, such as:

"Because SVRS protection is not enable during priming more, never allow anyone in the pool during priming mode"

So what do I do, watch the clock every day and kick ever person out of the pool before the pump starts.


"Check valves should not be installed on the suction or discharge side of the system"

Unfortunately, my design has a Pentair Master Temp heater, which of course, in its installation manual, specifically calls for the use of check valves to prevent back siphoning. I also have air blowers that require the use of check valves.

So now, I can argue with teh building inspectors and get the pump approved as an SVRS but only if I void the warranty on my Master Temp and my blowers. What a choice.

I hope Pentair will allow me to trade the VS+SVRS back in for a VS as it appears I must buy another VAC-ALERT...and refund me the difference in cost!

Any thoughts out there? Am I missing something?

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The VS+svrs meets the federal law that goes into effect December 19, 2008. This is the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act for public swimming pools, spas, and wading pools. This does not mean the VS+svrs will substitute for a local requirement until it has been locally approved. Sometimes this takes a little time.
I know this won't help you, but it might help you understand why Pentair has this pump available. For apartments and small hotel/motel pools, the pump satisfies a portion of the federal requirements.
Unfortunately, the newest products take some time to work their way to the public. As I recall, Vac-Alert helped write the legislation in Florida. Good luck.

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The pump is compliant with ASME A112.19.17. Which is the standard referenced in the 2006 International Residential Code appendix G, AG106.3. Go to the library and make a copy of that page and go talk to the chief building official in your city and let him know this.

To prevent back siphoning through your heater (only a problem if you have an in line chlorinator) have your builder install a hartford loop.

The blower line doesn't matter if it has a check valve, in regards to the pump.

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Uh, if you're building a new pool, why are you concerned with SVRS????

VGB law states that SVRS is only rrequired as a second teir of enforcment on single drain systems. I'm sure you are not building a single drain system or one with drains closer than 3' apart. Those are the only two issues that require a secondary level of SVRS such as Vac Alert. Federal law is the standard and unless FL is making the standard tougher, you should be fine. All of your existing darin plates must be compliant with the ASME standard which are now no longer going to be produced with the standard embossed on it as they will simply say VGB2008.

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Thanks all for your helpful answers. I have given the inspector a copy of the VS+SVRS manual and he is going to meet with the building official and get back to me. So far, my request through the product distributor have a Pentair rep call me and deal with this issue related to their product has fallen on deaf ears.


Your answer spells out the crux of my problem. The local building officials currently follow the Florida Building Code 2004. The new ANSI/APSP-7 2006 Suction Entrapment standard, which is compliant with the VGB law, eliminates the need for backup SVRS with dual or multiple drains, but it will not apply until the 2007 code is adopted 01-MAR-1999. The current VGB federal law is not enforced by the State Code.

Longhorn tom

The pump is compliant, but according to its manual, only if it is installed and/or used in a manner that is inconsistent with reality. In addition, the language of the Florida building code is a bit fuzzy, leaving interpretation of this up to the "approving authority". Thanks for the hartford loop suggestion but I fear it would not work for me as my equipment pad is below the water level of the spa.

Repair Guy

I have 4 MDX drains in my pool in a 4'x4' grid as well as 2 skimmers with equalizers. All have 3" home runs to the pool pump. The spa has 2 MDX and 2 SDX drains and a 4" pipe to the pump. I am not the least bit concerned about SVRS as I can not imagine any way that all 4 drains can ever be covered in either the pool or spa and my pipe sizes keep the water velocity down somewhat. I am caught in the quandry you refer to, i.e., current FL still has an SVRS requirement. I could have used vent lines but it is too late as gunite is tomorrow.

Another thing to note, the new standard is very specific that dual or at least two drains when there are 3 or more drains are connected by a "Tee". I have used Wyes and 45s for efficiency which would fail inspection without an engineers sealed alternative design that is "approved by the authority having jurisdiction". I do not expect that this was the intent of APSP, but the standard says what it says.

I will report back when the building official makes his decision.

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Vac-alert loves you because once gunite is in they become a required option and, I'm sure, more expensive than a vent line. Good luck getting approval for the pump. Most building officials are hesitant to stick their neck out on anything new. Liability litigation hits evryone.

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I still have no word from the building officials.

I also am getting pretty annoyed with Pentair. The local rep has never called despite a request from the distributor. My request for help via their web-site was first blown off and when I pressed a bit harder, was "elevated to tech support" yet they still have not emailed or called to discuss this issue. One would think they would defend their product approval. One would also think a customer that spent over 10K on their products would matter enough for a phone call.

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I finally got the magic piece of paper from Pentair tech support last week proving compliance with ASME A112.19.17 and the local officials have accepted the pump!

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through all this, if you wanted to trade the pump the distributor should have done that and charged the difference. Just like if you bought a four door car and decided you really wanted a two door. You don't call the ford plant, you call the dealer.

Sorry, but that just irritates me.

The pump manual has to be worded in such a way that lawyers can't up and sue Pentair when someone is stupid and gets their butt stuck on the drain.

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Can you post the magic piece of paper from Pentair tech support last week proving compliance with ASME A112.19.17. I would like to have it ready for my inspection.thanks

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