Am I crazy part 2? Another water problem area.

dreambuilderMay 15, 2014

Moved everything to the first post but how do I completely delete this post?

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Post this in your original thread to keep everything together.

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I tried, but it would only let me upload one you know how to load multiple images? Thanks in advance.

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The same way you uploaded the original. Above the response box, above subject and username is the choose file,button for image upload.

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Using this forum's built in picture hosting, you can only upload one picture per post, but you can repeatedly post into a thread and EACH post can have a picture. Starting a different thread with a different post just scatters you message all over the place.

Otherwise you can upload all of your pictures to an external free hosting site and then add the html code to any post to display as many pictures as you'd like. If that sentence didn't make sense to you, just do it the first way I mentioned with one picture per post but all posts in the same thread.

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