6/27 Activities

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJune 27, 2010

How are you today? You'll let me know later, eh?

I must say I'm an armchair sports fan. The weather was so hot (106* in the parking lot not counting heat index) that even though we sat in the shade, after 1 1/2 hours my face was beet red and having trouble breathing, so we had to leave the Little League game. My arms got sunburned just walking to and from the van! Won't be going today.

Today, I plan to put the remaining BD blocks in envelopes ready for mailing before I leave....still need to finish one more. I have no other plans for today.....read the paper???? I might get the ties out and at least finish sewing the first half of them while the Ray's play.

Donna, You have to be so relieved the mini quilts are done!

Jayne, I wish I could share some of this heat with you to warm you up, but handquilting might be just the thing for the cool days.

Cindy, I can just hear your GS....what we don't do for those sweet little ones. Yep take the border off and add a couple more rows. LOL

LaFonda, Enjoy being with your mom and grandma as long as you can. I cherish the times I had with mine.

Mary, Sure hope your DH is just a little sore today and not hurt any other way.....that goes for you, too! Stay inside and quilt today!

Have a great day.....


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I just posted on yesterday,s Activities- dumb -the wrong day! I guess the heat has fried my brain!

Sharon - you are in Paradise aka Florida - its supposed to be hot! Don't shoot me :)) It is not supposed to be this hot in Maryland until August, and even then it breaks records!
Stay inside - and I worry about the little kids - and the big kids playing ball in this heat!

I don't know what I'm going to do today - I have a mental list that no human can possibly achieve. That usually makes me accomplish nothing! I can't sew anything until I clean up my sewing area - same story for about 3 weeks now! My office/sewing room is on the top floor-hot! The rest of the house is freezing and my room is hot!

I hope everyone has a cool, relaxing, enjoyable Sunday.

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Hi Sharon! I like this "What are you doing today" question.

Yes, it's supposed to be hot here in Florida in the summer but that doesn't change how it feels when you go outside! Think of a cold snap in Maryland when it's just too cold and too nasty to be outside. When it's this hot and humid, outside activities stop.

I am feeling a post-project daze this morning. The wedding quilt top is nicely folded (mitered borders up so I can admire them! LOL) on the end of my sewing table. I've cleaned up the sewing room, vacuumed all the thread and scraps off the floor and even made a small pillow to go with my nap quilt from left over blocks. All that and it's just 11am! I'm still in frantic quilting mode, but the project is done... and I'm not sure I want to start a new one immediately. Besides, DH is probably expecting me to do just a little work around the house today since I've been using the 'I have to finish this quilt and don't have time for laundry' excuse.

Oh well, it's still early. Maybe I'll do that Florida thing and spend a little time in the pool before I start housecleaning!


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Sharon, Thank you for the wormth. It is up to 77 already! I guess I can take off my long sleeves. The sun is even shining!
I guess I have to get of the computer and do some serious work around here. Have to think about what I will serve the "dropins" for dinner and maybe look into the sewing room for a while. Have a good weekend everone. Jayne

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It's hot here, and I'm hybridizing daylilies anyway--they don't set seed much in this heat but I keep trying. Keeps me out of trouble.

I had a dream last night (okay, really scraping the bottom of the chitchat barrel) that I got a Christmas panel on display in front of my LQS, and then was directed to WAY back of the store next to the washer and dryer (?) for other colorways which I couldn't find, and a clerk said they were sold out. The back room was a lounge for children and husbands, and I was amazed that I'd never noticed it before. The lights got turned off for closing time and I made it back to the checkout with some silverware (?) only to find I'd laid down my Christmas panel in the back. And my mother was waiting on me. It wasn't a nightmare exactly, but it was tense.

Does this mean I must go fabric shopping tomorrow????

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Well the heat here in TN has me staying inside. I did go out to the gym and walk on the treadmill for an hour. I hope to grill some chicken later, if I don't get grilled first. I think the heat index is already over 100 here.

I sashed some blocks this morning and cut out fabric for July birthday blocks. I hope to get that sewn together later today. Laundry is in the wash so I will have to fold it later too.

I want to finish up a few little projects that I have going on, so that I can practice on some free motion quilting.


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Sharon, aren't you over in the Tampa/St. Pete area? I can't believe it's that much hotter over there (I am about 75-80 miles from Tampa); we're only getting low to mid 90s here.

We participated in three church services this morning. One pastor is being reappointed and this was her last Sunday. She's been a big supporter of the music ministry, so we had to do a big send-off. After lunch I had a nice nap on the couch, and have been working on cutting pieces for my table topper. It's a log cabin variation from Judy Martin. Seems like a lot of pieces for a topper! LOL

I mowed the grass yesterday so DH is taking me out for dinner tonight. Now, where do I want to go?


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My DS and DDIL just left for home. We had a great weekend together. They arrived Fri. evening in time for dinner. Sat. morning we went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. We hadn't been there for years. My son and I used to go every summer when he was too young to go to church camp. We had a good time walking through the zoo. It brought back a lot of memories. In the evening, he helped us get the steps installed in the pool. I can install the ladder but the steps are too heavy for us to do alone. After that we had to cool off in the water.
This morning we all went swimming after he and his dad trimmed some limbs. We put chicken on the grill for lunch and came inside to watch a movie until a t-storm moved through and we lost the satellite connection. They ate a bite and left for home about 4:30. We miss them already.
I haven't done any quilting this weekend but I am working on the binding on a small quilt.

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Marsha, I know it's supposed to be hot in Florida, but it's been hotter where I live than in some places further south.

Kate, Oh please, do the pool thing before getting involved in anything else.

Jayne, Keep peeking in the sewing room and you'll find yourself in there. @:)

patsy, I'd go shopping and get that dream out of my mind. lol

Jackie, I think the Heat Index temp saps me more than the actual temperature does.

Donna, I'm a little further north than you are over on US 19 in Crystal River. And, yes, it's unusually hot. Good for the maters, though. @:) Hey, if I was doing a pattern with lots of pieces, you can bet it would be something smallish like a table topper. lol Have fun with it.

LindaOH, We knew you were off enjoying family this week-end, and it sounds like you did! I've only been to that zoo once, but it was nice. Probably nicer now. I keep recorded programs saved back to watch when the satellite goes out as it does when there's storms over the Gulf in our area.

I finished basting and got half of the tie quilt ready for quilting this morning. I think I want to go down each tie with a blanket stitch. I sure don't want to keep changing thread so will probably use a medium grey. Not sure if I'll do that before getting the second half basted or not.
Decisions decisions.......sigh.


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doing some redwork, but not quilting much...eyes are giving me trouble so I'm limiting my time on the 'puter. I do check in at least once a day.


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Just returned today from the Vermont Quilt Festival where I was in pig heaven for two days. I held the line pretty good this year, bought only three patterns, a clover chaco liner marker and one VQF souvenir mug. The "works of art" that they refer to as quilts were spectacular as usual. Also attended a talk and display of WWII quilts -- that was so very interesting.

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Yesterday was sooooo busy! After church, I had to get a few quick loads of laundry done and take my ds to church camp (long drive each way) for the week. He's 9 and this is his first trip away from home other than sleep over's at his friends houses. He fussed a little about not wanting to go, but when we got there, I barely got a good-bye! My dd, 7, was disappointed that she couldn't stay (not her age group this week). So, I don't know if it will be harder on me or him this week.

I did get about an hour done on my applique square. I hope to finish it in the next few weeks.

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