Are you quilting this weekend? June 1-3

lindaoh_gwJune 1, 2012

I plan to work on the June BOMs, Craftsy BOM and Hello Sun, as soon as they are posted. I also want to start working on my "Granny Blocks" for an online swap. I hope to do some blogging too.

What are you doing this weekend?

Linda OH

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Our local Quilt show is next weekend, so I have to squeeze in burying & clipping the treads on a quilt I am showing, and checking out the 2 other quilts I got back from my DS & GF, just to make sure they are still okay. Tasks I should have done before the last minute.

Busy weekend with other things, but I really want to be quilting. I haven't been able to for awhile, and it is bothering me :)

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The quilt on the frame and I seem to have come to an understanding (that it IS going to be quilted), so I plan to finish it this weekend. Need to make labels for it and Roll, Roll that I finished last weekend sometime soon.

My second Bargello Twist lesson will be posted this evening, so I hope to work on that some, too.

But first, before any sewing, I HAVE to clean the house tonight!


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Three of my kids are spending hte night at grandma's tonight, so I just might be able to go to the quilt show at the Expo Center tomorrow!! (DH gets tomorrow night out, so it's only fair, of course!)

I finished a purse yesterday (Yes! pictures to come). I also picked up backing for the July wedding quilt & Beverly's HSTs so I might start those. Might also make another retreat goodie.

I did tell myself that after a few of these other things I could start on a mini kit I picked up in maybe that

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I am nearing the finish of my Irish chain blocks. I have 7 rows of the 8 done and just need to put them together. Then decide how to do the border as I didn't have enough of the fabric to do as the pattern calls and I am not fond of the way they did it anyway. I may wait to sandwich after I finish another top I want to try.

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I want to start a couple of new baby quilts this weekend. They should be a lot of fun with the baby block print I have for a boy and a girl quilt. It's so relaxing to sit and sew, especially after working my hands dry ripping and digging weeds like a maniac. Now it's raining until Tuesday so I can catch up on indoor stuff. Housework included of course.


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If the rain continues to fall for the next few days, I'll have time to do some more twisting. If the rain stops and it gets above 70 at some point, I want to put in a new floor in my little greenhouse. Time will tell.....

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Yes!! Finally, I have a weekend available where I can quilt! For the past several weekends I've been working to get the garden in shape and/or working on a cake project. I have no cake for this weekend, and the garden is pretty much at maintenance point. It's dark and rainy out- perfect weather for quilting! I'm working on a lap quilt.

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I'm not going to make the quilt show...and probably didn't need to spend the money anyway. But last night I was able to do HSTs for Beverly, and got a quilt loaded on the frame.

I'm hoping to quilt tonight, then maybe start something new.

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I did do something quilt-related although it hasn't involved any sewing (yet). I signed up for Kimberly Einmo's Jelly Rolls & Pre-cuts class on Craftsy. I haven't done one of these on-line courses before but I love jelly rolls and other pre-cuts so I'm hoping she provides some interesting ideas on how to use them. I feel like I have TOO many ideas and need someone to say, Do THIS!


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Probably not, but you girls almost make me wish I was home sitting at my machine and staring at my stash and UFO's. Almost, but not quite! lol Enjoying my family and the little ones this week-end. Handsewing during the week. @:)

Kate, The JR class sounds interesting. I like JR's too but they are so expensive. I have 2 at home waiting for inspiration.


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I got the quilting done on the wedding quilt!! Whooohoooo! Will trim it after lunch cleanup and maybe get the next quilt loaded.

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Yay, Jennifer! I just sewed the binding on my quilt, too. I plan to do the hand quilting tonight and I can cross it off my list!


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Not exactly sewing but I did wash the flannel for the backing of a baby quilt.
Maybe (?) this week it will get put together.

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I finished the string quilt yesterday, binding and all. I'm now putting together some log cabin blocks with some leftover flannels from that and from my stash. I've been a very good girl with using up a lot of my stash on the last two projects. I still have lots left, though, thank heavens with the cotton going so high. Got the air conditioner replaced last Wednesday so no excuse that it's too hot to sew. Now I have to stay home all day Tuesday for County inspection because they refuse to say when they will be here. This is how the government treats it's employers, us, the tax payers.

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Jelly rolls ARE expensive! 2.5 yds for $35 to $40, regular price. I can't say I've never bought one at full price (Ruby!), but usually i stick to the sales. My new ones came from H of P for $20 each and I found a Tonga Treats neutrals at a quilt shop hop for $17 and a couple at Joann's on the sale rack for $9. For those prices you can't beat the convenience of a jelly!

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I managed to get a little sewing done this weekend - and it came with a bonus! I made the 3 lotto blocks for August and ended up with 48 3" bonus half-square-triangles. 48! Not sure what I'm going to use them for but if I can't think of anything else, I'll do three more mini quilts for the guild.

Here's my stack of un-ironed bonus HSTs next to one of the Dutchman's Puzzle blocks. I had forgotten how much fun flying geese are to make!


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