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msmeowJune 6, 2011

Well, not really a QOTD, just looking for opinions!

I want to make my DH a quilt for his 50th birthday in Oct. We have quilts all over the house but I've never made one especially for him.

I have the book Bella, Bella Quilts and I was thinking of making one of those for him. They are all large wall hanging size...the cover quilt is 52" square. Big for the wall, but not big enough for a lap quilt.

I'm also considering several Judy Martin patterns that can be twin or queen size.

So, what would you do for a hubby quilt? Make a really stunning wall hanging, or make a bigger quilt he can actually use?

Thanks! Donna

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Personally, I would make one that he can use, unless he is really into art and it will hang in "his" space- like "his" office or "his" room. A quilt just for just him to use is so special.

My DH commented he wanted a quilt. I was surprised. I made him one while he was on a business trip out of Lotto Blocks I had won that were manly. Shortly after I made it he suffered a Heart Attack. After he came home from the hospital, He said he just wanted to cover up in "his" quilt. It follows him. He even sleeps with it. It is only a lap size- but I am keeping the room freezing at night:)
It looks funny on our king size bed.

My vote is to make your DH a Man Quilt to use. I am sure it will be spectacular!

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I'm just too practical - I'd make a quilt he can use. Use the pattern you like from Bella Bella and just add on!

(Maybe you're more in sync with your DH than I am, but I have learned to not assume I'll know what he likes so I ask him what colors and patterns he likes. He always surprises me!)

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I simply LOVE the Bella Bella quilts. I have one ready for quilting now.

With that said, unless your DH loves that style, I'd make him something different. If he does love that style, you can add borders to make it bigger.

I agree that a quilt he can use is more appropriate. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

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You ladies are all on the same wavelength as I am! LOL

I think I will make him a quilt he can use. I have an Atkinson pattern called Monterey Medallion and several Judy Martin log cabin patterns and I think I will pick one of those. I have a bunch of blue fabrics I got for a quilt I've decided not to make. He likes blue a lot, so I think I will use them.

I'll make the Bella quilt some other time, and maybe incorporate pictures from our Mediterranean trip.


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I'd make him one he can use in colors he likes. The older we get the more it seems men want a blanket of their own to curl up with.

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I agree with all. Make him a quilt he will use and enjoy! I did for my DH, and he does use it. It lives on the blanket chest in our bedroom, and often gets pulled over to the bed to cover him up.

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I made a quilt for DH few years back. He had lots of neckties and I used them along with his old shirts. I made his a queen size. He had heart surgery after I made the quilt, he loved having it to keep warm. Your DH will love having his own quilt.

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Well, last night I played around with the Monterrey Medallion pattern in EQ (trying mostly blue colorways). While I like it a lot, I think I'll go with a Judy Martin. I've narrowed those down to 4 choices...just have to decide! LOL

He's working Sat. so that would be the perfect time to get started.


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