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greenshoresatxDecember 31, 2010

Hi All.

We are building our pool and would like your feedback on our design, equipment and builders for the Austin, Tx area.

Pool and Spa Specs:

Pool Dimensions: 20'9" x 34'

Pool Perimeter: 96 ft

Pool Area: 460 sqft

Pool Depth: 3ft x 4.5ft x 6ft

Spa Dimensions: 7 ft Circle

Spa Perimeter: 22 ft

Spa Area: 39 ft

Spa Raised: 18 inches from deck.

Spa Depth: 3.5ft

Total Gallons: 16,497

Coping: OK Flagstone

Waterband: 6 Inch Tile


909 Sq Ft with Sundek Classic (Indian Wheat)

Pool Finish:

Wet Edge - Satin Matrix (Midnight Sea)


Main Pump: Pentair IntelliFlo VS-3050

Filter: Pentair Quad DE 100

Heater: Pentair MasterTemp 400k - NG

Blower: Blower - Polaris QT 1.5HP

Cleaner: Kreepy Krauly Platinum

Control: Pentair EasyTouch PS-8

Remote: Hard Wired Remote in house.

Sanitizers: Rainbow In-Line Chlorinator

Pool Lights: Pentair IntelliBrite Color LED 12v

Spa Lights: Pentair IntelliBrite Spa LED 12v

We are currently considering Austintatious and Cody Pools, any feedback on these builders would be appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Sounds like a pretty decent set-up. The only comments I would make is that I believe you will regret having just the Rainbow Chlorinator for your sanitation. That's a very old fashioned style that is also expensive to maintain. You are relying on man-made chemicals, which are harsh on the skin, eyes, hair and smell. The man made chemicals are expensive (just price a bucket of chlorine tablets to see). I would recommend you add an Intellichlor 40 to your system, which is a salt cell that converts low-expense salt into natural chlorine. The feel of the water will be incredibly better. If using a salt system, be sure to seal any natural stone (like your Oklahoma flagstone) with a good sealer and be prepared to do so annually. If you don't want salt, then add an Ozone system (I like the UltraPure) with the Rainbow chlorinator and get the bottled water feel and lower chlorine demand.

The only other thing I would say is that I use Pentair almost exclusively, but be prepared to add one of the new Pentair proprietary GFCI circuits to the VS3050 pump. Without it, it tends to blow out your circuit. Great pump, though!

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I don't see a spa-side controller.


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Thanks for the feedback.

Will the Ultra Pure Ozone system drive down usage of chlorine to really have a noticeable cost difference over 1-2 years? Is this an easy retrofit?

Will the Easy Touch Panel come with the Pentair GFCI Breaker?

Anyone have experience with the Wet Edge Satin Matrix Pebble Product?

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Ozone generators typically have checked valve that threads into the suction side, replacing the pump plug.

They don't usually reduce chlorine demand but do provide some added oxidation capacity. The pool still needs the same amount in the pool.

Larger pools with higher bather loads and large water features usually benefit more than residential pools.

The load center has a standard mount for breakers. Electricians usually provide the breakers when they come to do the wiring. Siemans and Murry brand breakers fit best.

GFCIs normally connect to in pool lighting power sources and convenience outlets. I don't see the one womanowned mentions.

@womanowned, if you are referring to the AI201 surge suppressor, I don't know if it has the capacity as this was a Compool device and is only mentioned as an available part but nowhere is it mentioned in the Install guide.


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