Recommendations for pool builder in Shreveport, LA

Tracik3December 23, 2012

I know there is Oasis and Moorehead. Anyone had any experience with these?

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Tracik3....we used Oasis and know others who used Moorehead.

Either one will build a quality pool.

For us, it was more about who would build the pool from our plans which were rather specific.

We also had a lot of custom features, a lot of which we did ourselves, i.e.; fog system, 72 foot waterslide, pirate ship, etc.

Of the pool builder's we interviewed, Oasis was most comfortable working with us to accommodate these custom features which is why they won our business.

Hope this helps.

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I saw the pictures of your pool. It is gorgeous!! We don't really want anything too fancy. I just want to be able to float around with a drink in hand. lol We don't have small children either. A friend of ours was looking at both of those companies. Moorehead was more expensive of the two. But, haven't talked to any one that had a pool put in by them. Thanks for your reply.

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tracik3....Thanks for the kind words about our pool.

There's another company in West Monroe that we interviewed...Dolphin Pools. May be worth reaching out to them also if you haven't done so already.

Hope this helps.

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