Sports pool slope

suzanne1234December 12, 2013

We are currently putting in a 16x34 sports pool. We went with 3'5", 5'5" and 3'5"depth. But it looks like the pool is one big slope with no true shallow end for kids to stand in...just a big pool of in between depth. My question is this normal. I had expected at least several feet that would be the 3'5" depth. Any thoughts?

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Unfortunately, this is a typical response for these kinds of center deep pools. My policy has always been to provide a cross section drawing showing the slope of the floor of the pool. This helps customers understand how severe they can be. I have had requests for 3.5' to 7' center deep pools that are only 36' long!
If you were not provided with a cross section drawing then you can make a good argument to have the slope adjusted. Gunite can be placed over the existing gunite to soften the slope if this helps.
How tall is the bottom step going into the pool? There are standards for maximum tread heights. Good luck.

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We have three 12 inch steps on one side of the pool. We had to adjust the pool during excavation due to a granite shelf in what was going to be the deep end of the pool. So the builder suggested the sports pool concept. We were not provided with a cross section drawing showing the slope. As you step off the bottom step you immediately step off going downhill. If we would have known the slope was going to be this severe we would have adjusted the depth or simply flipped the pool. We are in Georgia do you happen know the minimum slope distance to go down one foot. That was my other question...can you put gunite on top of gunite without it causing problems later.

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Yes, you can place gunite over gunite. As I recall the maximum slope is 1' of drop per 3' length in diving pools. Based on your length and depth of pool your slope would be app 1:8

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