Pool Light Dimmer

mixman1December 6, 2010

I have an Easytouch 8 system and would like to be able to dim my pool lights. I know that the easytouch wont do this, but couldnt I put standard dimmers in line after the easytouch relay and just set the dimmers manually while still being able to turn them on and off with the easytouch?

Has anyone done this?

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While it's possible, the next question is what lights specifically are you trying to dim?


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I have an infinity edge pool with 2x300 watt lights in the main pool, a 100 watt light in the catch basin, and a separately switched 100 watt light in the spa. I would like to be able to dim the spa and main pool quite a bit. Right now when the lights are on, it is so bright in the pool. I would like it to just glow. If that makes sense?

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Sure you can use regular dimmers it's much cheaper than putting in the dimming module.

The exception would be LED lights. I heard some dimmable ones were on their way to market, but I don't think anything currently available dims.

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Unfortunatly you are right and they didnt include that option with the Easytouch.
Yes you can use a normal dimmer to accomplish this. You can install it before or after the contact, it doesnt care.
Just remember most dimmers are 300w or 600w. You will want to pick up a 1000w to dim the two 300's, and the 100 all at once. If you gang two dimmers in one box, the max watts also is decreased.

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I am a pool builder and these folks are right about dimming pool lights (LED's - nope), however I use X10 systems in and around the house and yard and they work great, they turn lights on and off and dim them as well. I also use X10 to control pumps, really cool.

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Hey Bruce, I'm curious about the x10s in this scenario. If I were to wire in an x10 dimmer for my pool lights after the Pentair EasyTouch Controller, what happens to the on/off sequence? For instance, if the EasyTouch turns it on and off, does the x10 remember that it was on before, or does it always revert to an off position after it loses power? Does it remember the dim setting or go back to bright?

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