Listing Book?

jane__nyApril 21, 2009

Is this site good? It seems you need to be referred by an agent.


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Hi jane ny. I use Listing Book. My agent set us up with it when we put our home on the market. I get daily reports on what new homes have been listed, DOM, price changes and if anything has taken a deposit. It also tells me if anyone has looked at my home through listing book and if anyone put me on their favorites. (It doesn't tell me how many hits I have had on other sites though.) I can also compare my home to my competition. I am not sure if there is a cost to use this service on your own. I can also check to see what homes have originally been listed at, what their price drops are and when they did it, and for homes that are sold, what they listed for, price changes (and when) and what the final selling price is. I am still experimenting with the different parts of it. I do like it but find myself constantly glued to the computer. It also seems to be user friendly. I remember that when we spoke to a Remax agent, they also had two similar products, but I don't remember what they were. I am assuming they all do the same thing.

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Thanks elle481. I asked because some agents sent me emails inviting me to join. I'm planning to put the house on the market in 2 weeks but haven't chosen a Realtor. Apparently, word got around and I got these emails. I'm not comfortable because I know they track what you do. I received different user names and passwords from each Realtor.


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