Where do you stash your stockpot(s)?

purrusApril 5, 2013

Hi everyone,
In our remodel we are having all lower drawers and not cabinets except for one bank, because of my two stockpots. However, I am rethinking this--I hate to give up a couple of lower drawers because of my stockpots. I wonder where other GWers store their stockpots, since I know this is a drawer-loving crowd.

I am thinking that I might get rid of the really huge one, since I almost never use it. The other one could just go in the bottom of one of the pantries surrounding the fridge. Then, I could have all my drawers. :)



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I rarely use mine, so it's on a top shelf of an upper cabinet. I can't reach it without a stool, but DH can (and he does most of the cooking).

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DH uses ours all the time to make pasta. So, I feel like it needs to be really accessible. I also don't think ours would fit in an upper cab... too tall/wide.

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My biggest stockpot is either 16qt or 20 qt size. I can't recall. It is 7 3/4 " tall without the lid and it fits in the second drawer of a three drawer stack to the left of my range. It fits in the drawer with the lid on and the lid stands 2 1/2" tall. Most all my pots, and lids are in this one drawer. The few exceptions include 2 cast iron skillets, and large Le Creuset covered casserole.
My lobster pot which is a huge granite wear thing and my 26qt pressure canner stay in the cellar utility room. I am ok with them being downstairs as I use those pots less. My stock pot gets used frequently.

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I have 4-8 qt in the drawers under my cooktop along with the other pots and pans. They fit in the deep drawers just fine, even stacked 2 or 3 deep and are used daily or at least several times a week. I also have tall pasta/steamer pots, a 16 qt canning pot and I think a 20-something quart we bought for a chili cook-off that are stored in the cabinet above the fridge. My lids are in the drawer to the side -- under the micro drawer.

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oh! Above the fridge cab is a good idea! Mine's 16.5 inches tall. I don't know how tall my stockpot is though... must measure when I get home.

THEN I CAN HAVE ALLLLLLL lower drawers!! :)

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I measured my largest pot - 12QT - and made the bottom drawer deep enough for it. If I turned the lid upside down, I could store an even taller pot in that drawer. So all my pots and skillets are in drawers right under the cooktop.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

I'm wondering the same thing because our new cabinets are being designed, and I have two HUGE stock-pots... Well, one is my grandma's canner, and I love that old navy porcelain, white spotty thing! My stainless one might not work with the new induction cook top... Didn't think of that till now.......... Color me sad.

We are taking advantage of the demo, and putting the old cabinets in the garage and elsewhere, so I'm sure I can fit them both somewhere. Happily, the garage is a step from the kitchen in our new home.

Good luck finding space!


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Mine is above the wall oven. It has one adjustable shelf so it can accommodate any height pot.

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Mine is in the over the fridge cabinet. In my small kitchen, it would have been a waste of drawer space to design a drawer base around one stockpot.

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Mine is in the lazy susan. Not sure what size it is,

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We store ours in a drawer in our island:

Smaller pots, incl 4 qt A-C soup pot, pans, and their lids, are stored in pull-out drawers (in the cab next to the range).

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My really tall/oversized stock pots live in the walk in pantry. I used to keep one of them in a drawer in the old kitchen--it was a set of 2 drawers, so they were deeper.

If you do decide to keep it over the fridge (excellent idea) consider a rollout shelf up there to help get to it.

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Also above the fridge.

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We have a hinged window seat with storage below. Our tall 12 quart pot goes in there, along with the grill brush, boxes of trash bags and our tall drip coffeemaker which we don't use anymore.

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We keep ours in a deep drawer, but there is no drawer or cabinet that I can imagine that would hold that kind of canning pot, at least, if yours is like ours. That goes in the basement.

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I put all the large pots in the super susan in the corner.

The large pressure canner is there on the bottom shelf along with the smaller pressure cooker and a couple of large stew/chili type pots. There is one more that belongs there, but I made chili last night, so it's in the refrigerator. The top shelf holds the wok, the crock pot, the blender (in two pieces), and several colanders. This would only work for stock pots if they were 12" tall or shorter.

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I just measured--and my stockpots will both fit in the cab above the fridge. YES!!! I can have all lower drawers. :) :) :)

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Yeah!! - Also, see the other post - I put mine in my Super susan which I think you have in your plan - my colanders are in my SS as well and I can sneak them out without opening both doors.

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Top shelf of my pantry, along with slow cooker, pressure cooker, stand mixer and other things I don't use that often. My 5qt pasta pot lives on top of the pan rack.

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Ours are in a 15" deep drawer underneath the drawer microwave.

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