Mosquitoes and pools

willylynnDecember 28, 2011

I'm thinking of purchasing a swimming pool but I really don't want to fight the mosquitoes and all the other pests that like water. How do you keep the mosquitoes away seeing they like water to lay there larvae on.

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The skimmers take care of most of the. The chlorine takes care of the rest.

As to how to keep them away, setting up a bug zapper in the Spring and running it till the first hard frost keeps my yard mosquito free.

I also don't let water stagnate in pots and other places it might accumulate.


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Thanks for the info. I bet its a lot of work though. I just hate the thought of mosquitoes around. I also heard that if you wear light clothing its not so bad.

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Mosquitos ? That would be a pond.

A pool is clean filtered water with pumps that run every day and chlorination that kill all pests as soon as they even consider breeding in your water.

With a properly maintained pool, you will not experience an mosquito infestations.

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Willy, Caring for a pool is typically a 1 hour a week on day and 5 minutes a day series of tasks the other days. It really isn't hard if you don't try to reinvent it.


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My pool service in FL is once a week with crystal clear water and mt pool in NJ is about 30 minutes once every 1 or 2 weeks. Summer.....when we go to FL I just super chlorinate and it's clear when we return. Mosquitoes....what are they?????

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I would highly recommend a screen enclosue (pool cage). We installed one shortly after our pool was finished as we live close to the coast and bugs are a nightmare. The pool and spa are so much more enjoyable. At night we can actually enjoy the back patio and pool lights without all the bugs that are attracted to lights, june bugs, mosquitoes, etc. A mosquito magnet will work well for mosquitos, but will do nothing for the other pests that invade he enertaining area. Screen Enclosrue, well worth the investment and super glad we have it now.

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Awesome this helps a great deal. I never heard of the screen en closer. Sounds like the mosquitoes won't be the problem it will be the other bugs to worry about. Should I put the pool away from everything else or closer to the house for easy access?

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We broke down after 35 years of being eaten alive outside and inside our home and starting spraying. We use the company Orkin. 2 of our neighbors had been spraying for several years and highly recommended it. After the first spray, we did not see one mosquito and could not believe it really worked. Continued that way for 2 months until fall set in. We started late last summer so next summer will be the real test. So far we are sold on spraying and we did research this to be sure there would be no adverse impact on our pets, children and think/hope it is safe. Oddly everything I read on the internet about spraying said it was not effective but that has not been our experience to date nor the experience of our 2 next-door neighbors.

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You know I heard that orkin was a good company. I will definitely look into that. Glad to here that it's safe for humans and pest alike. Thanks for the information, very much appreciated.

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If you keep your pool clean and use chlorine on regular basis this will keep the mosquitoes and other insects away from your pool...

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We are putting a pool into a wooded backyard that now is mosquito heaven.

We are seriously considering the installation of an automatic misting system like this one
although we have not yet chosen a company.

Any comments from those with experience?

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