Are you quilting this weekend? June 22-24

lindaoh_gwJune 22, 2012

I am off to a quilt class this morning. Jacquie Gering is the teacher. Our guild's quilt show is this weekend.

Are you quilting this weekend?

Linda OH

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Not me. I'm going to the beach with my friends. I haven't been near my sewing machine in several weeks.

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Not likely.
Doing some house painting these past 2 weeks.
As my Mom would say.....everything here is "in slings".
Haven't been near the sewing machine in quite a while.
Hopefully, I'll get back to it next week.


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YES!! I will get to sew this weekend! I am so excited.


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I hope so. I still have this pinched nerve in my back causing a lot of pain in my right arm, but at least now it's coming and going instead of constant. I guess that's an improvement.


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I'm back to my depression blocks between chores. Company coming so have some housework to do but hope for a quiet weekend. I may have to stop at a fabric store since the closet full of fabric tubs can't possibly have just the right shade of red.

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Take it easy, Donna! Give it time to heal!

"...can't possibly have just the right shade of red." LOL - I KNOW that's right!

I'm just hoping to do some fabric sorting this weekend. I would love to see the tops of my cutting tables again. I know they are under there. If I could do that, and sort some of the clutter by project, I would be a very happy quilter.


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I don't usually like to commit...don't like to feel like a failure. LOL But I bought some quilting thread for my wallhanging last night and I have two blocks cut out for Lotto and I have to get a block done for another exchange so I am planning on it.

However, first thing in the morning DH and I are buying pastries and coffee at the market and heading to the beach with our chairs to read until it gets too hot. Lovely :)

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Bev, that sounds wonderful - pastries, beach, hubby, and reading!

I should dance with my vacuum and then I'm continuing to reconstruct the pinwheel blocks from a rescued quilt top. Might have the quilt top put back together by the end of the weekend - maybe!

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Oh yeah...........somehow my hands know what to do without my brain having to kick in, and half an hour quilting is a good way to keep me out of trouble when I get up, until the caffeine gets into the system. Laughing out loud about the right shade of red. It's always the shade I DON'T have onhand. How true, how true. Dancing with the vacuum????? LOL again. I do kung-fu with my vacuum.

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I finished my Quilt U top last night. This morning I made a block from the leftover pieces (I think I'll use it in the backing).

This afternoon I mowed the grass and swept the back porch, then put the backing together for a twin size quilt and got it loaded on the frame.

Shoulder's feeling a lot better today!


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Tonight I planned out a new quilt top that'll be made of (36) 15-inch blocks, using a modified log cabin block, all done in blues except for some green sashing. I've got my fabrics picked out, so after grocery shopping and putting together a lasagna in the morning, I can start cutting and sewing! It'll be good to get to my sewing machine again. It's been weeks! Each block will have a 7" square in the lower lefthand corner, and use 8 strips, all of which will be 2" wide when done. I just hope I get to do some sewing tomorrow, I miss it!

For tonight, I think I'll hunt down some quilt tops I've finished and stored away. I may get inspired and finish one tonight. Wouldn't that be productive?


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Is this sick, or what? I'm a bit of an insomniac and even when I'm not quilting (or especially when I'm not quilting a lot) I lay in bed and go through quilt block patterns in my head until I fall asleep. So the answer to are you quilting this weekend, is yes.......even if it's mentally. Today when I went to feed my chickens, I'm mentally sizing up the big wooden coop to judge if I could paint some panels in quilt patterns if I'd have enough room to hang them or would the windows get in the way. LOL.

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"Dancing with the vacuum" - I love that! Do ya think that will make it easier to drag it out?? Calliope, hey, they paint quilt blocks on barns, why not chicken coops, too? I've been working on that UFO I dragged out of the closet, long abandoned and completely forgotten. I've finished zig-zagging the elements that were already on it, now I've got to come up with some flowers, fruits and birds to put on it. At least I have inside hobbies to work on during this tropical depression lurking out in the gulf, I offered to teach hubby to sew, he declined. He's out on the front porch staring at the grass that is already out of control and will be up to his eyeballs before it dries out enough for him to mow. He might have to get the bush-hog out when it finally stops raining around here. Our seasonal pond is filling up fast, and the dog delights in galloping through it over and over, yesterday I guess her collar got so wet it stretched and she lost it, tag and all. We'll probably find it after we buy her another one. We tried to get her to tell us where she lost it, she won't.

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Rita, I love the way you write! I chuckled my way through your whole post. I can relate to your story about your dog staying silent regarding the whereabouts of her collar. I have two cats, and every day it's a matter of "yes sir" and "no ma'am" coming from me. A couple of days ago I found her on the kitchen table and told her she didn't belong up there. Stella's reply? "Wha'e'er." That brings her list of words up to 5 now... ***sigh***

I am going to get to work on my new quilt project this afternoon, but first I'm going to enjoy the fruits of my morning labors. Here's a picture of what I just pulled out of the even...

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Dan, that looks much better than my lunch! DH brought home burgers because I didn't want to stop quilting to fix anything.
The class on Friday was great even though I was way out of my comfort zone. I like things to match and be straight and even. The class was called "Not Your Grandmother's Log Cabin". She showed several versions of her log cabin block and I chose to make the Wonky Half Log Cabin (Chevron).
On Saturday I went to Sauder Village's Fiber Arts Festival with three friends. We always have a good time when we are together.
Hope everyone had a great weekend too!
Linda OH

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Dan, I made lasagne in my crock pot a couple of weeks ago. It came out good!

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Today I'm dancin' with the vacuum - I've got family coming over for dinner tonight. I'm just taking a break with some iced tea and a sit down at the computer. Earlier this morning I did a quick neaten-up of front yard and swept the cut grass off the sidewalks.

Saturday I took the Viking over to Greensboro for her tune-up and did some other errands while I was there. Also picked up my grandparents' old clock from repair but alas, it's not chiming well today so I'll call my clock man for help.

Wish I could sit down and sew with my Featherweight now, but must get in the kitchen and get dinner started.


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msmeow, I almost did! I love crockpot lasagna, but decided to go tradional today. Since lunch, I've cut approximately 7 yards of fabric into 2.5" strips to be used in my latest project. I'm not sure if I'll be able to do any sewing because now I have to put away all the fabric which has accumulated on my sewing desk, and that always distracts me because of all the "new" fabrics I find. Lol, who would think we'd have so much in our stashes that we'd find material we'd forgotten was even there? I'm sure that never happens to anyone else, right? Lol!

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I've been cleaning the sewing room and sorting / folding / fondling fabric all day. Have I found fabric I had forgotten about? Of course! Have I found scraps of fabric I used in some of my very first quilts 20 years ago? Of course!

I realized, as I was going through the stacks and bins, that I have a LOT of projects for which I've already purchased fabric and a LOT of ideas for quilts that are still strictly in my head. So I started filling out an index card for each project. That should help me stay organized and was the perfect task for a weekend when I didn't feel motivated to actually sew. I have index cards that are gridded instead of ruled so I can even sketch the quilt pattern on the card.

I set some priorities as I realized I have deadlines for a couple of the projects. I have a potluck luncheon at work near the end of July so I have to get the insulated casserole carrier done by then. And an outdoor jazz event in October so the picnic quilt has to be done by then.

I think I'm ready to start sewing!!!


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I've been FMQing a Triple Irish Chain with embroidered flowers (my second of this type). It has been so hot outside that it's nice to be in my air-conditioned quilting room.

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Kate, it sounds like you've been busy! I was just cleaning up a bit here in the office, putting piles of fabric in boxes so I could find my way to my machine, and I found a huge stack of blocks I've collected over the years from the Seeds-n-Stitches group. I've already sewn some of them together, as you can see in the rough composite picture I'm posting, but I've still got another 40 to use. In the s-n-s group, we have a standard size of an unfinished 12.5" block, so I can easily make this a reversible quilt, or create two of them. Who knows what I'll do in the end, but it's great to find these treasures!

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