Are you quilting this weekend? June 15-17

lindaoh_gwJune 15, 2012

I am in Columbus, OH for the NQA quilt show. My DD and I are going to the show today. DD lives here and we plan to go to the Blues and Jazz Festival in Gahanna tomorrow. DH stayed at home this time. He is having knee replacement surgery next month and can't take the walking or the long trip to Columbus. He wouldn't go to the quilt show even if he could walk!

What are your plan for the weekend?

Linda OH

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That sounds like a fun weekend!! I love jazz, so that would be something I would enjoy, too :-) My mother had her knee replaced a few years ago and has done well. I hope your dh has the same success.

I have done very little quilting in the past month, so I hope to spend most of the day Saturday sewing! My mother is coming over for dinner Saturday night, so I will have to clean up the house a little and do a little cooking.

Since Sunday is Father's Day, I told my dh he gets to choose what we do. He has some property he wants me to look at, so it looks like a road trip day. I really don't like sitting in the car all day, but I will do it for him :-)

Have a great weekend, everyone !!


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I am working on a quilt for the family shelter that my sister works at. It is in Decatur, IL, a very economically hard-hit city. They will use it for a fundraiser. I am changing it a little and using pastels for the sashing pieces to give it a softer look. I also made a 16 patch for the center.

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Love that quilt.

I won't be quilting but might get in a bit of fabric fondling. We're off to Oregon for oldest GD graduation from college. One of my favorite fabric stores is near the motel so I may have to stop.

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I hope so. Got home about 10 last night from my business trip - 2-1/2 days of filling my head with new info on our software. It's amazing how tired I am this morning! Of course, dealing with the Atlanta airport is enough to wear anyone out. I decided their mission statement must be to screw up as many people's day as possible.

Anyway, tomorrow we're supposed to get together with our friends visiting from Richmond, but we don't know yet if that means spend the day with them or just dinner, so if I'm going to sew it will probably be today, though I really feel like taking a nap. :)


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I may get to some of those bindings! But I'm also reading a good book on my nook which is taking my attention.

Taking the kids to the lunch theater today to see Willy Wonka! Then oldest DD's girl scout troop is cooking dinner for their dads tonight to earn a badge. The rest of us may have ???

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It's time for me to head to the sewing room and tackle the Seabreeze quilt again. I'm hoping to finish the quilting this weekend. It has helped that I worked at least an hour each day after work this past week. And it has helped that I haven't had any more machine problems!

Feeling a little sad as this will be the very first Father's Day that I didn't have my Dad here with us.


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My heart is with you Teresa. I remember how I felt on each landmark holiday I used to share with my parents, and although the years are now starting to dull the sharpness of's still there and at unexpected moments, something will make it seem like just yesterday.

Yes, I am getting a bit of quilting in this weekend. No panic push, just wander in to the sewing room when I catch a small block of time to stitch a little bit on the finishing border of my sun/stars quilt. It's so near to completing I could likely finish it up if I'd work on it solidly for a full day. However, I have enough projects and deadlines that I do not wish to add this one on the pile. It'll get finished when it gets finished. I sore had the temptation to not even quilt in the border, but since there are a gazillion hand stitches in the body of the quilt, may as well not take any shortcuts at this point. I sort of wish I hadn't made the design so fussy, however. ;-)

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Well, I just got home from taking my main machine to the shop. :( (With a side trip to DSW - I had a coupon burning a hole in my purse! LOL) The machine sounds bad and was breaking thread and broke a needle the other day. But I already have Baby Brother set up to go so I should be able to sew all afternoon.


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I should beable to finish putting the borders on the Money Bar quilt, then to decide on the back and sandwich. That is the part I like the least. Have 2 to do now before I allow myself to start anything else.

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Love your quilt Tuppermom! I am recovering from surgery and still not able to sit Indian style on my bed to quilt, so since I am limited on how I can sit and bend, I am simply tracing and cutting out fabric for my parents' 9" Card Tricks blocks at my desk for short periods of time. I started making blocks for their quilt in 2009 and all are completely hand-sewn. I have 79 blocks made and still need to make 21 more. I love this pattern cause it is so easy to make, but after working on this project for so many years I am so ready to get it completed, maybe that will happen sometime in 2013.

Best to you and have a good weekend,

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