Is this niche acceptable?

artsyloisApril 5, 2013

My tile man finished grouting yesterday and the right corner seems to be off. Does this look sloppy? Also the tile on the left has a scratch about one and a half inches long. Should I ask him to fix this?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

The scratch might bother me more than the grout. Unfortunately, once tile is in, taking one out to replace, can cause breakage in others. I hope you have extras!! Hard to match as years go by.

Good luck!


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Hmmm I see what you mean...the top right corner sort of leans back to the right. Weird. I have no idea about what could be done except rip it out and start over. Try posting this on the bathroom forums. There are a couple of tile experts over there that will give you great advice.

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From this picture, it does seem like the niche narrows down and is especially noticeable on the lower right.
At first I thought he didn't plan the tiles correctly, but looking at it closely, it looks like the niche might not have been measured right.
Experts will hopefully weigh in here, but if you have to keep it, put all the large bottles on that side and after a while you won't be bothered by it.
Something similar happened to me in my kitchen. I had my backsplash put in and the job was excellent. However, my tile choice was horrible. It came out after one day and it took months for me to replace it. Same tile man did the job but I guess these tiles were evidently a different size. I have slivers in the corner! UGGH. We were not going to redo this a third time. i put my Keurig coffee maker there and i no longer notice the tiles.
This was initially upsetting as he did a perfect job the first time. I was shocked, but my husband said that they did not have choice in how it had to be centered.
We often wait so long and pay so much for these renovations, it is difficult to just let thing go.

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Circus Peanut

I wouldn't find it acceptable, no. That's not a good technique he's using: he should use bullnose edges for the opening tiles, like this:

or this:

Or else half-rounds as a frame, like this:

or this:

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I posted over in bathrooms for you.

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It kinda looks like I did it. Not good.

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Are the inside corners of the niche actually 90 degrees? It seems like they must be close as the niche is built between 2 studs. So, lets say that that part of it is an optical illusion caused by the not-90 degree cut of the tile on the outside of the corner - messy at best. Did he really curve the tile below the corner one to meet up with the badly cut one above? Circuspeanut is right, the edges should have been finished in some way. If this were my shower (?), I would ask for a redo. Unfortunately, seeing as this is a "done" job, this is a big deal. Did you hire the tiler directly or did your GC?

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I just talked to him about it and told him I didn't like the way it looks. He's going to fix it. My husband planned to do the bathroom himself but after a year waiting for him with the bathroom gutted, we hired a person that was recommended to us by our trusted Plummer. He has been very maticulous on everything up to now. I found some defects in the decorative tile that he has already fixed...but why he put them up in the first place, I don't know. This has taken longer then he expected so maybe that's it too.

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Circus Peanut

Yeah, it boils down to:

1. You should never have raw tile edges showing like that. Corners are handled with bullnosed field tiles, half-rounds or other trim pieces.

2. He really mis-cut the top two tiles; the corner cutout in them is too large, making the groutline much larger there and deforming the niche dimensions.

Good luck for re-do!

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