My Safavieh rug and Overstock's advice!!!??

SheeshareeIIMay 7, 2010

Ok... this is what my hand tufted wool/silk Safavieh rug from Overstock looks like now.

I really need to know if this is normal or not. I can't imagine it is or people wouldn't buy them as much. I emailed Overstock explaining and saying I was disappointed etc. At first they told me this,"I've found that this was ordered back in 2009, and is beyond our returns time. ff you would still like to have it sent back, you may; however, be advised that the refund will be determined based on the time elapsed from the order-date and/or the condition of the item. If you'd like to proceed with this, just reply and we'll initiate the return"

I figured it wasn't worth it and was thinking about the whole thing when I got an email the next day saying if they didn't hear back from me by today they were going to consider it closed. I emailed them again asking if they could give me a ball park figure and sent these two photos. This is the email I just got back.

"After reviewing your photos I've determined that what is occurring is normal wear and tear of the fabric. I recommend shampooing it to give the color new luster. For the odd loose thread, try cutting it loose with a pair of scissors. There are other rug-care products available, I suggest the Bissell 850B Woolite Rug Stick, which will bring up the fibers into uniform conformation. I've included the link here: See link below

I didn't think you could "shampoo" a wool rug. I'm not interested in shipping it back as it's just not worth it but I'm trying to understand #1. if this is normal after 6 months for this rug to look like that and #2. Is she giving me accurate information??? - I'm thinking not.

Could it be that the rug sat in the warehouse for too many years and it's just not wearing well??


Here is a link that might be useful: Bissell

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I don't have any information about your rug. I did have a problem with O one time, well, it was really with a customer service person just now knowing what they were talking about. I would say, escalate and get a supervisor on the phone. Tell them your story, explain the bad advice, etc. At the very least you may get some sort of store credit in your account. That happened to me. I'm not sure how my issue got to where it eventually ended up, but they were calling ME about it and their service.

Good luck. Perhaps you should call Safavieh?

Here is a link that might be useful: Safavieh's home page

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I did think about calling Safavieh but didn't know if they would respond well since I bought the rug from Overstock?

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When I bought my Ticor sink from Overstock, they said that they had a very good relationship with you never know. Just refer to them as the "retailer" during your conversation.

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sheesharee, I have two large Safavieh hand-tufted rugs from Overstock. One is a total piece of $*@! and the other one is so-so. When I order from Overstock, I realize that these rugs probably have some problems or they would have sold in stores and not be "overstock." That's why they're so cheap. Also, they may have $2.98 shipping BUT it costs an arm and leg to return!

The first rug I bought was a 8' round Ancestry tan/beige rug for under my DR table . I've had it about a year, and there are many partially pulled out yarn tufts. The other one (awful one) is a hand-tufted Heritage Kerman rug (that got rave reviews). Well, it TORE when I moved the couch to vac*uum! Also fibers can be pulled out easily by hand. It also STUNK like moth balls when I got it and I had to leave it outside for a week or so to air out. It now resides in the basement.

Just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain! Been there, done that.


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I bought a rug straight from Safavieh and they met Overstock's price. It is not shedding anything like your photo. Once in awhile I see a bit of fuzz, but I also have 3 cats and they like to get into mischief. I had a problem with Safavieh charging me for shipping after sending me the wrong rug. I called their customer service in Long Island , NY, and the problem was taken care of with apologies. I suggest you call them and send them your photo. I was told by one of their managers that the President takes customer complaints seriously.

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Luvs - Oh man, I'm sorry to hear you have problems with yours too. I wouldn't even know how to ship it back anywhere because of it's size. Although it's not bad enough just to throw out but I don't have anywhere else in the house for it. I guess I'm not really sure what I want anyone to do. It's just that I thought I was getting a good brand rug and it's looking really rough around the edges like I've had it for years. I only paid $300 something for it (they had a sale) but that's not peanuts to me.

Scanmike - So this isn't normal. Good. Did you originally call Safavieh and mention you could get the same rug from Overstock? Good idea. From looking at their site I believe this one is a discontinued style.

I will be sure to give them a call.

The Bissell as suggested by Overstock's customer service lady would ruin it, right?

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I do not know much about rugs myself, but I would be very disappointed also. I would call Overstock & ask to speak to a person that can make decisions. I guess I have gotten grumpy in my age b/c I don't want to tell my story to the customer service rep that still has to relay the message to the supervisor, only then to have to tell the whole story again. Ask them if you could get a full credit to purchase another rug.


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Scooby - I'm just now seeing this. ...

I wimped out and sent an "email" directly to Safavieh with photos explaining I purchased the rug back in October through a retailer yadda ya, blah, blah, etc. I even copied and pasted the advice Overstock gave me with the shampooer and I've heard NOTHING. Sent it Monday. So much for 24-48 hours. So now I'm pretty irked that they didn't even have the decencey to say,"sorry, can't help you." Say SOMETHING!

I was waiting to hear what they said before I went back to Overstock. I don't know 100% sure if Overstocks advice is crazy or not. I wanted to have an idea of what I was talked about before I called OS.

So do I call Safavieh or say the heck with them? :P

I guess I would ask for a manger at Overstock? What if they just say "they" can help me? Some people are just good talkers and have that way about them. I'm not one of them.

I also find it irritating that OS was willing to give me a partial refund (basically it would've been nothing until I shipping it back and they deteremined what it should be) - but it went from that to,"Oh, it's just normal wear. Buy this snazzy shampooer from OUR SITE!"

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Keep trying with Overstock. I bought some blinds from them. There was a problem with the return. They solved the problem but the billing got funky. I didn't let up and the supervisor called me several times to make sure that issue was resolved. You can't stop with the first response. A lot of times that is someone overseas. Hope it works out for you.

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Well... I just called Savavieh because of never receiving a response and I wanted answers before I called Overstock.

When I got on the phone with customer service I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager. The lady asked what it was in reference to. I started explaining how I sent an email and never got answers back. She finished my sentence and knew who I was. She then said she didn't get around to it yet. (What?) Her boss was out, email is down today, etc. and so forth. I sent the email 5/10 and sent a follow up 5/13 basically saying "no response?" Got nothing. At least follow up and say you need to show the photos to the boss, etc. and you'll get back to me. I'm just glad she was nice. She did mention she has a hand tufted rug at home but said it doesn't look like those photos. I was glad to hear that. - I think. She said her boss was back today and in a day or so she'd have a response back to me. I'm not really sure what they'll even do since I bought it from Overstock but we'll see. - I didn't mention in the email where I got it but said on the phone with her during conversation saying I was waiting to hear from them to contact OS, yadda ya.

I'll wait to call OS for now. If it comes down to it I will ask them for a credit and see how it goes. Even a partial would be nice. If they say no, at least I asked.

We're finishing the basement at the moment and this rug could maybe go in the office.

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This may not help, but could your vacuum be guilty of doing this? I have an antique rug that started getting threads pulled in the strangest places...come to find out Dyson vacuums can do this. I researched it and some manufacturers go as far as to void the warranty if a Dyson is used. This may be only on certain types of carpet, like Berber, but my rug has suffered some damage and it's very low pile. Of course, I'm still using my vacuum anyway as it's so great at keeping the allergens down. Anyway, don't know if any other cleaners cause the same issue, but thought I'd throw this out there.

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Bleigh - I only use the hose attachment. It may be from that. I have to sweep it somehow though so I don't know. I didn't expect to have to baby a wool rug this much. So a Dyson is bad on berber? I'm making note of that. We were thinking of using it in two rooms, lol.

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I grew up with wool wall to wall carpeting. It lasted forever! Wool will fuzz up for many months, it is part of the process. Of course, I don't look at the rug as closely as your picture was taken, but, I see it as normal for all wool. Here is an exerpt I took from an article on caring for wool rugs.
"Vacuum wool rugs 2-3 times per week, at minimum, to remove dirt and excess fuzz that may accumulate on the rug's surface. This fuzz is normal for wool rugs, and is a result of the loosening of fibers that were created during weaving. Raise the height of the beater bar on your vacuum to the highest setting for best results."
I found essentially the same info on another site as well. Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: wool rugs

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Kmcg - Thanks for the link. I didn't have to get down close to the rug to notice it. Here are some other shots. It actually looks a little better in these only because I finally had it and took the beater bar over it the yesterday. Yeah, I know I said I don't use it but I wanted to see if it made a difference. The fuzz trim is around most of the rug. I suspect as we keep rotating it will eventually be around the whole outside. Hopefully it doesn't keep getting worse. Since I resized these photos you can't see it very well but IRL is looks like crap.

Looking online I've read so many different things about how to care for wool rugs.

Like I said before, I've never owned one and this may be perfectly normal. That's really what I want to know and the proper way to care for it.

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Got a response back from Safavieh. They didn't fully answer my questions.

"For your reference I am attaching a description of each type of rug so you will have a better understanding. I have had a tufted rug for over a year and it is still slightly shedding but it doesnÂt seem to affect its appearance."

Depending on the type of wool used, shedding is to be expected in all types of new rugs.

When the wool used in weaving rugs is twisted to create a varied and textured effect on the face, some of the yarns are curled into the pile and are missed during sheering and with normal traffic and vacuuming these ends sprout up above the pile. DonÂt pull these yarns. Use scissors to clip them.
Uneven traffic/sun exposure: if you have uneven traffic or exposure to sunlight, turn the rug around periodically to equalize wear or fading.

If you spill liquids, use a clean cloth to blot and absorb the pills. Work from around the spill to the center. For hard to remove spills, professional cleaning is recommended. Use of a rug pad is recommended for some rugs."

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I really do think it is normal for a wool rug. A poly rug will shed a little too in the beginning, but will eventually stop. I had a wool 3x5 rug in my foyer once and it looked similar to yours.Wool is a natural fiber and just like a wool sweater, it will pill and fuzz. Use the beater bar, but raise it. The wool carpet my mother had lasted for over 25 years and even then, bits and pieces of fuzz could be found. The advantage of a wool rug and why they are more expensive is they wear like iron and last a long time! Be sure you have a pad underneath!

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Kmcg - Ok, good to hear. I'll assume it's normal and just wait it out. Hopefully it lasts longer than I'm thinking. I don't know what to do about the sweaper since I can't adjust the height of my beater bar (Dyson Animal).

I'm assuming your Mom's rug wasn't hand tufted though?

I bought a thick cushy pad from Overstock when I ordered the rug.

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I would say you were taken by Overstock. They probably bought them from someone else who said they were genuine. We bought ours through a dealer in La Jolla who has been there for years and years. I have never had trouble, the wool is tight and I would never, ever wash it with a bissel. Send it out to someone who does Oriental rugs. I also have a wool and silk that came from China 25 years ago and it's as beautiful today as it was then. You really get what you pay for and if the price was too good to be true than you got what you paid for. I'm sorry for what you received from Overstock.

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"They probably bought them from someone else who said they were genuine. "

The tag(s) on it is Safavieh (it was never in OS description info) and has the collection info, design ID #, content, origin and all that jazz on the tag.

I'll have to check if there's an oriental rug place around here.

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