Help. Wrong Pigment Used In Quartz Plaster

calisurfDecember 17, 2010

Help. I'm looking for some advice. I am in the final stages of my pool remodel. The pool builder used wrong pigment in our quartz plaster and it is 100 shades too dark.

They have offered to fix it by applying a bond over the screwup and puting another coat with the correct pigment. I am not convinced that the fix is a good solution and is only a superficial coverup. I am sure that over a short period of time the dark finish underneath will be exposed because I can't imagine that the reapplication would be very thick.

In the PB's defense the finish manufacturer has 2 products, stonescape tahoe blue for their pebble line and quartzscape tahoeblue, they mixed up the pigments. We wanted quartzscape tahoe blue but got the pigment for the stonescape tahoe blue which is very dark. I don't want the dark finish because the water will look like a lagoon.

Experts, if you have any advice it is appreciated. Is the PB's suggested fix a good one?

I am will follow this up with a pic of the sample over the actual installed finish.

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Here is the sample tile over the actual finish...

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If the current plaster was applied on a chipped out shell, no problem doing the second. If the current finish was applied over existing plaster, it will need a chip out. Three layers is too much.


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Thats funny, in our neck of the woods, we chip out every pool for replaster.

Obviously the builder was not on site when they were plastering the pool.
First I would fill up the pool and see what you think of it, you may love it and get a chunk of money back from the builder, everybody is happy.

If not then it is up to the builder to make it right. They would be doing a new complete plaster job. I am not fimilar with doing plaster over plaster as we always chip it out. I think it makes for the best substrate in doing that. I wouldnt trust plaster that is that thick. I think I would ask for that to be done. If he insists that it is not a problem to do another coat over it, then I would want something in writing from him, and the manufacturer that they will cover it for the length of the warranty.

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I know it's your pool and all, but the previous poster's suggestion of getting cash from the builder and living with it may make sense.

We have the dark Tahoe Blue diamond brite in our salt water pool and I've been disappointed in the fact that it seems to be a lot lighter than when we installed it.(Some of this is due to leeching, but I'm pretty anal about my chem). However, when I point this out to our guests and friends they look at me like I'm crazy because they all think it looks beautiful.

If the new color does not look too out of place, I'd say live with it and get your best value out of the mistake rather than settle for a substandard fix. There will always be something you wished you had done differently in a remodel.

Good Luck!

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The PB can acid wash the walls and apply Bond Kote to the walls before replastering. It would not be a problem. But, I am like some of the other posters...keep what you have. People pay hundreds more to get the color you ended up with. The mistake was definitely in your favor!

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