Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets

nean321April 28, 2011

Hi, My husband and I are in the process of building our first house and we are trying to decide on Kitchen Cabints. The builder was including Blackwood Cherry cabinets but we don't really like the "white color" so another option is Fabuwood. Anyone have any feedback/insight on either brand? Would you love to know if anyone has either and what you think. Thanks in advance for your help

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Fabuwood Cabinets are stock cabinets made in China and imported to US by Fabuwood (located in NJ I think) You can order them RTA (ready to assemble) or already assembled. I don't kow how much reserach you have done about cabinets, but stock cabinets are generally offered in set sizes/finishes and cannot be modified like semi custom or custom cabinet lines. They do have a website, but it is not all that helpful. Their Elite line is better than their Classic/Value line of cabs. A cabinet store owner and GWer, Dave in Orlando has posted about stock/RTA cabinets if you do a search on bottom. I also emailed him directly about Fabuwood and will forward his response to you if you email me (email is on My Page) You do not have an email listed on your page so I cannot just forward to you. I have heard pretty good things about Fabuwood...I don't have personal experience since my kitchen reno will not start until June...I am doing half of my kitchen in Fabuwood Wellington Ivory and rest in semi custom. I really wanted my fridge paneled and Fabuwood does not offer fridge panels so I compromised.

Hope this helps

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Personally I have my doubts about cabinets made in China. I recently saw some cabinets made in China and they were very poor quality but I don't know what brand they were. What is your budget? have you considered Ikea cabinets?

I am just submitting my 2 cents worth.

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I ordered my cabinets that were made in China and they are really good quality and I saved a ton of money. I considered Ikea cabinets but I found out they are mostly particleboard (and generally speaking everything in Ikea is pretty nice but not the greatest durability). For a similar price the cabinets I got were made in China but they were definitely solid wood. Be careful about where you buy them from because some import companies don't get their cabinets tested for formaldehyde. I did a ton of research on that, I ended up buying mine online which turned out to be TSG cabinets and they had their CARB certification on the back of each cabinet. Good luck if you haven't gotten your new cabinets already!

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Kayla i agree, i as a deaaler can't push too much, but personally being in this industry for so long i think the china cabinets have gotten to a high level, the TSG, JSI and Fabuwood can compete in quality with many american brands, the fact they are half the price makes me feel bad for those who will pay double for nothing,

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I didn't pay double for nothing. I bought American made cabinets to keep people here working. Counters are American made as well. The cost was a little bit higher, but people here can't live on $10 per week.

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