Blue Lagoon PebbleTec Color

marisa_2008December 2, 2008

We are trying to select a color for our new pool. We want a nice blue color, no green in it if possible. My husband likes Blue Lagoon pebble tec, but I think it looks too much like a community pool. On the tanning shelf it just seems too "white" and not natural looking. Anybody have the blue lagoon? What does Caribbean Blue look like? I don't want Tahoe Blue, that much I know. :)

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My pool was finished last June and we have Blue Lagoon Pebble Tec. I just couldn't be happier. The color of the water is way more important than I ever expected. I just love the color we chose. We wanted a very tropical blue color. You can judge for yourself if it will suit your needs. We also had Simmering Sea added to ours for sparkle. I highly recommend it. Here are a few pics of mine. I don't have any good ones of my tanning ledge, but you can see the color difference on the steps and love seat. Let me know if there is anything I can answer for you.

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Sorry if this is too much but I found a couple more pics that might give a better idea with the color in different depths. I struggled for weeks with the decision so I'm just trying to make it easier for you. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: My Pool Build

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What is the coping stone you used? THey look fantastic together! Katherine

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Thanks Katherine! Our PB called the coping "Light Oklahoma" Flagstone. It was such an exciting but stressful experience, I was pleasantly surprised when everything seemed to go so well together in the end. I'll be following your build. It is going to be beautiful!

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Thanks, Stonesmama! Your pool is beautiful. It definitely is a true blue! I love the little "shimmeries" in it. I will look into adding them. The steps and ledge have a nice lite blue color, not white like I was afraid of. I just want to make sure we don't get a pool that looks like your basic plaster community pool, but some of the pebble tec colors just seem a bit too dark. We have a very heavy wooded lot and will get a bit of shade and want the blue to really come through. Do you have any photos of the pool at night with the lights on? Marisa

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We went with the Blue Granite Pebblesheen. After the fill 2 weeks ago it had a bit of green in it, but this was expected (because of what we'd read here). Now that the chemicals are balanced it is a beautiful blue. The shallow steps resemble granite in about a foot of lake water ... any deeper than that it's a sparking blue that gets even deeper under cloud cover and at dusk.

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Hi, enjoyed your pictures. Is the Pebble Tec (Blue Lagoon) that you used rough on the bottom of your feet? We are building in Arizona and PebbleTec is new to us. In Wisconsin we have vinyl liners inside of our pools.

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Thought I'd post a couple more of our Blue Granite Pebblesheen .. we had clear skies today so the color shows true.

It can't get much bluer ..

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Question to stonesmama about the amount or percentage of Shimmering Sea used for your Blue Lagoon pool to get your desired effect?

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Does anyone have a "Blue Lagoon" Pebble tec pool we could see near Atlanta?

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