Latham Pool Cover??

poolinarDecember 13, 2010

I just got an estimate on a pool cover and the builder/installer said he uses a cover from Latham International. I've never heard of this cover and can't find much of anything on the web about it. Does anyone have any experience with this cover?

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If you have heard of Performance Covers, that's Latham. It isn't a Loop Loc but for a flat pool, it'll work.


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Thanks Scott. The bid seemed high to me. $3K for the cover and another $1K for the installation. My pool is a little bit of a challenge with the back wall and 5 columns to work around. He said we could price a different cover like Merlin or Loop Loc if we wanted to. Thoughts?

Here's my build link...

Here is a link that might be useful: Poolinar Pool

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Don't do it. Mortared stone, such as was used to veneer the back wall and the columns will not hold anchors under tension. I can hear the anchors popping free with a snow load

The cinder block construction of the columns will not hold wall anchors either.

The equipment pad is close to the wall so extended straps will interfere.

If a client approached me, I would suggest a very large, over sized tarp style cover that would cover everything, including the equipment pad (due to the closeness) and a lot of waterbags.

I am as good as they get when it comes to cover installs and designs. This is one of two situations where a safety cover is not appropriate. The other is the use of cultured rock on inside curves.

My main concern is the damages a good, wet snow load would cause when the anchors or the material holding the anchors pops free.

This cover cannot meet safety cover standards It would be deemed Non-Safe.

I remember having this conversation with Chris (sceadu) during the design phase.


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Wow... I sure didn't want to hear that. I've had three cover manufactures now tell me that they could custom build a cover after seeing pictures of the pool, but... they are in the business of selling covers.

I was hoping there would be a way to anchor to the ground behind the wall to take most of the tension, but there would still need to at least be anchors on top of the wall to run a cable through.

I made it through this fall by scooping leaves, but I sure don't want to have to do that every year!!

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Scott, would it be possible to a hybrid system where it was anchored around the pool where there is decking, and weight it down with hanging sand or water bags on the back wall? It would at least be anchored tight across the length and front half of the pool.

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No. Thats no different in terms of support than a tarp cover.


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Scott, this is what we finally decided to do. We went with extended straps and ground stakes. It was a bit of a challange to work around the equipment, but we made it work. So far I'm very pleased with the results. This is a Merlin Smart Mesh.

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Looks great. The installer did a very good job.

Did you also have them put 2' lengths of #5 rebar in before the ground pipes as added strength? Then the pipe really has something to hold on to.

Next year, put a small, automatic pump under the cover on the 1st step to keep the rain from raising the level in the pool to above the tile line. This keeps the ice off it. Ice expands and can crack or pop tiles.


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We did not, but I could see where that would have been a good idea. Thanks.

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I agree-nice job. And poolguy, thanks for the tip about a pump on the step. As Ron Popeil says "set it and forget it!" (almost)

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Thanks, I spent a lot of time working with the sales rep to get a design that I was comfortable with. And, thank you Scott for playing devils advocate with me. That really made me think through it.

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