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vicky4x4June 29, 2011

Do you ever quilt with people or are you a loner quilter?

I do both. If I really need to get something done I quilt alone but I prefer to have company.

I also listen to books on tapes, radio dramas or sermons while quilting so it doesn't seems so lonely.

I had a sewing room but my son moved back so I lost it and I have to say I think I get more done without it because I'm with my family and not away in a room by myself.


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At home it's just me and the pup, so I am quilting alone, with the radio or CDs playing. When I go on quilt retreats I'm with 3 or more people chatting the live long day - and I love it! I think sharing your life stories and exchanging feedback on quilting techniques and design is so bonding with a group of quilting friends. With my round robin group we find we get so many more good ideas for our quilts' when we're together.


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At home, I enjoy the time by myself, and feel I get more done that way. I am not a TV person, except to watch the Phillies!!
From my quilt guild there are several of us that get toether about once a month. We do small projects together, lots of show 'n tell and share ideas. Always a ton of fun, much like Teresa's bunch.

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I sew alone, in quiet for the most the part. I have always preferred quiet when I work, no matter what I am doing. Sometimes I will listen to something on my iPad just to distract or occupy the the other side of my brain.
I have no other friends who sew or understand the deep satisfaction creating something brings me. It has been that way since I started sewing as a young child.

I did join the local Guild, that now has over 300 members and growing. The monthly meetings are business meetings, with very little about quilting. I have taken some of the workshops given by 'famous' instructors.

I value this group - and often feel like I am quilting with cyper friends due to my participation here.

I like the solitude sewing allows me....."my bubble bath".

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I'm a lone quilter too and really cherish that time. I'm sure a retreat would be fun but it would be more social for me and less about the quilting.

When I'm quilting though I usually have the TV on or an audible book. It really is Me Time!

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I'm a lone quilter as well. Since most of mine is hand applique, I do it in the evenings while we are watching TV. Lately, I things have been so busy, there hasn't been much of that! I'm working on a BOM and I'm still trying to finish May's block and July is just around the corner.

I do like to take an occasional class where I can be around other quilters.

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Another loner here!

Once in a while I take a class or go to my guild's fun night, but I've never just gotten together with one or more gals to just sew. My guild has a retreat each summer where they do that - spend a weekend socializing and working on whatever projects they bring, but that doesn't appeal to me.

Part of it is probably b/c in my sewing room I have everything I need and know where everything is. I like being able to just dive into my closet to search for the perfect piece of fabric or the perfect size piece of batting. If I'm going somewhere to sew I have to really think it through so I don't forget things.


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Another split personality here:) I have a sewing room that is at the opposite end of the house from the family room where DH hangs out much of the time evenings. Either he pokes his head in now & then or I go out & spend a few minutes w/him. An added plus to this arrangement, he delivers drinks & snacks! What a guy!! While quilting I listen usually to Pandora radio because I like to mix my own music:)
On the rare days I have no little ones at my house, I go quilt w/my mom & friends. Sometimes it's just her & me - other times there are 4 -6 of us. We go out for lunch, have a blast & for the most part get a lot done. I love the comaraderie of those gals. Two of them were former employees at my store.
I will say at the fall retreat I spent way too much time deciding what to work on! This year I'll plan better! :)

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At home, I sew alone....usually with music or the TV on. Was fortunate to be able to have a couple sessions with Salijo while in IN and we both enjoyed it. Nobody around here to get together with (except for lunch), plus, I don't like having to haul a machine for just a couple hour thing. Definitely enjoyed the retreat when I was there and hope to get there again.....sigh.


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My studio is in my garage, so I'm usually alone. I do have the TV on, though.

I have one or two quilting friends in my neighborhood, and we occasionally get together - mostly when they need a really large table, LOL. Mine is 60" wide x 96" long - very useful for laying out blocks, cutting wide quilt backs, or piecing batting.

But mostly, I prefer to work alone. I do not enjoy collaboration, for the most part. I like all aspects of quilting, so I want to plan the design, choose fabrics, make the top, and do the quilting. Then it really is my work.

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Right now I am assisting my GD in making a quilt and have helped my GS do the same. That said, I like doing my thing alone, in a quiet atmosphere with my squirrels and birds to keeping me company. It is nice to have my DH near by to share with and have a friend to go fabric shopping with or my DD to help with layout planning, but construction time is mine.
I charish the time with my forum friends,the BDB's and the input that they share but that is as near to sewing with others that I desire. Jayne

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I tend to be a lone quilter - often sewing late into the night. I enjoy having the TV on for background. Seems like there isn't a convenient location to group quilt.

My neighborhood quilt group meets once a month and we often do a small learning project. I have taken projects to ask advice/ and show and tell. I have taken some classes and do enjoy seeing and learning from others.

I have never attended at retreat but would love to attend the Camp Cheerio retreat to meet forum friends and experience a group sew!


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