impervious painful!

terryibraDecember 6, 2009

Anyone have to deal with impervious soil restrictions?

I live in Wake County and it is very painful. I have to build two rain gardens (designed by soil engineer who cost me almost $2500 to draw it up) to allow for the pool decking to go in. Not to mention $750 for the survey to calculate my existing impervious soil and survey the gardens with topography. Raleigh is the worst place to build a pool. You would think I was building a nuclear power plant in my backyard with all the red tape I have to go through!

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I know how you feel. I have seen people jackhammer out a driveway to increase the size of their house.

A question I have, is were you completely against the idea of using sand-set pavers for the deck. These are typically considered a pervious surface.

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never looked into it. I saw some impervious pavers on the web but they did not look too good. I also wanted a solid base for around the pool. We had our heart set on Tennessee crab orchard flag anyway. To be honest though, if I would of known the cost and trouble the county caused me, I would of never built this pool. What I did not mention was I had to "move" my septic which also cost me $2500 and the place I moved it to was a wooded area and we had to cut down a bunch of trees. My septic was 13ft from the pool and needed to be 15ft. We could not move the pool over 2 ft because of the "repair zone" needing to be 15ft away from the pool. We could not slide the septic 2 feet to the right because it needed to be crushed and replaced as per code. Therefore, we got the thing out of the way and tucked it into the corner of the lot (every builder should do that from now on with the county regulations limiting everything). Anyway, I hope to enjoy this pool for a long time to forget about the red tape to get things done around here. Are you a builder in North Carolina?

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I totally know where you're coming from. I'm so close to bagging the whole pool thing because of the hassles and expense my city will put me through. I'm just a regular, hard working guy that wants a pool for my kids. I thought it was within my means, but thanks to my city I'm not sure my wallet's big enough.

What's really presenting a roadblock for me is the requirement here that you have to have a cleanout in the side sewer line to drain to pool into.

I have a perfectly good cleanout right next to the pool area that would be ideal for the intended purpose (sticking a hose down once every 10 years or so) but since it's inside the garage they won't allow it. Instead I have to install a cleanout on the complete opposite side on the property. This wouldn't be so bad, but when they inspect the new cleanout, they do a leak test of the whole circa 1961 system. I'm scared to death they'll find a leak somewhere in the side sewer line, part of which is under the slab of the finished basement. Could open a nasty can of worms.

The builders I've gotten bids from are very clear that they want nothing to do with obtaining the necessary permits...they lay it all on the homeowner. I'm beginning to see why.

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wow, that is freakin ridiculous. Can you leak test your original system before you start the pool system?

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Yes, I would definitely have the cleanout installed and get the leak test before I commit to the pool, but if it doesn't go well my pool budget could be spent on my sewer line (how rewarding!) It would be nice if they could loosen their rules a bit. What's really frustrating is all the pools that have been around for 10 years or more just have to get a $10 permit for a one-time draining into the sewer.

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Leak testing a 1961 sewer line sounds like trouble. Theres a gocd chance its terracotta pipe. I assume they don't put pressure on but just do a gravity test?

Sandset pavers in our area are treated as impervious.

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can you leak test the system prior to adding the clean outs so you don't pump any money into it. I hope your system is okay. If not, you can always consult with a soil engineer to work around this thing. There has to be some loop holes or no one would be able to build a pool

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There may be a way around this requirement thanks to a provision in the International Building Code. Basically it says if there is a different method or material that will accomplish the goals of the code safely, then it can be approved by the "Building Official". I think the cleanout in the garage accomplishes the goal of the code (making sure that when you drain the pool the water goes to the sewer). The only potential problem is the fact that it is in the garage (instead of outside). I have to pay the city $210 to consider this "alternative design" and explain why I shouldn't have to install a cleanout in the side sewer line. We'll see how it goes.

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Vote in November. Throw every bureaucrat OUT. We re-elect them time after time and you see what they DO TO YOU and your neighbors.

Can you tell me that you are allowed your pursuit of happiness for you and your kids ???


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I have always preached that the LOCAL elections are the ones that matter. Very rarely do National elections REALLY affect you directly at home. City council, Mayors, Judges......all have direct involvement in our daily lives. GO get educated about who is involved in making the rules you don't like THEN VOTE!!!

(sorry for the HiJack)

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