To late to start dig in North Jersey?

SpeckledhenDecember 7, 2011

Our permits finally came through and the PB wants to start digging this week for our IG vinyl pool. I'm concerned about the fluctuations in temperature from day to night having an effect on the construction. We are not having the patio done until the spring. Any comments??? Thanks!

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Since the PB is responsible for any construction problems caused by the weather, the question you need to answer is: Do you want to put up with a protracted mess in your yard for an extended period of time as opposed to starting in the spring and having a short construction time?
Most pool projects are about 30 days long.

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I also noticed that our posts were similar. Our pool project is taking more like 2 months than 30 days. I guess you could blame some of it on all of the rain we had which caused many delays and back ups. Regarding starting your pool now. I would start now and deal with the mess thru the winter. If you start in the spring and the weather is rainy it is going to take more than 30 days to finish and then you will start wondering if you will get a full swim season in. I have the mess in my backyard now (and 2 dogs and kids) and the mud is making me nuts BUT I also know that plaster and water are the only things I will have left to do in the spring and then we will be swimming by early May I hope.

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Thanks for the replies. I'm not worried about the mess. I'm more concerned with the freezing and thawing of the ground. I guess I could have the PB come back in the spring and re-grade/backfill around the pool and prep the soil for a patio. That's my main concern. I really want it done now so that the ground has time to recover and I can get grass started early in the spring. I also have 2 kids, but they are young and the pool is tucked away on one end of the yard. So keeping them away shouldn't be too hard (I hope).

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According to the pay schedule, how much will you need to be paying for them to get to that step?

IMHO, I think waiting till Spring is a safer option. Then they can't hit you for the dig out that will likely be needed in Spring.

So far, it seems to be they are concerned with their interests, not yours.


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Hi Scott,
I appreciate your advice.

I don't have the contract in front of me, but I think it's 1/2 when they start digging, and then the rest in stages as they complete work and pass inspections. I've worked with this guy before (he built 2 paver patios for me) so I'm not worried about losing any cash, I just want what is best for the longevity of the pool. If I have to wait until spring, that's OK. Not great, but OK.

BTW - Since I'm new to this, I'm not sure what you mean by "dig out". an you please explain?


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He won't likely be able to drop the liner until the Spring. The temps need to be in the 60+ range for a period of time.

With no deck, chances are good it wouldn't be very well graded and crap will get in over the winter. That includes organics and dirt and snow and rain. None of those are good for an unlined pool base.

Why pay for a hole you can't use till Spring? Why pay interest? Why have the safety risks? To me, it just doesn't make sense,


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I agree with Scott... Do it all in one shot. I know you're excited to get things going (we all were in that same boat at one time), but what you're inquiring could lead to problems down the road...

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Thanks to everyone for the advice. I called the PB and left him a message that I am holding off until the spring. I'll see what happens when he calls me back:-) I think I made the right decision. we haven't even chosen our liner, so if the hole was in tomorrow, I'd still have to wait for that to arrive. I know he already has purchased the framing of the pool, so I assume that I'll need to pay him for that. Any ideas what a 16x32 42" high Grecian frame costs?
Thanks again!

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Hello again Everyone. PB said no problem to starting next spring. I will pay him for the pool panels, but he may not be able to store them. He said he may have to deliver them to the site (my yard) and keep them there over the winter. I assume they are weather-proof, but does anyone know if this is an acceptable way to store them?
Thanks again!

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Put them on a pallet and tarp them. Beats cluttering the garage. Boxed hardware should be inside though. That will keep the boxes from breaking open. Open boxes often lead to missing pieces that won't reappear until replacements are acquired.


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