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Ott2April 10, 2013

Good morning,
I have a 4' wall at the back of a walk in pantry. There are not any side shelves in that area to block access, so it is sort of a nook area 3' deep. I am thinking I want a drop zone countertop there with shallower built-in shelves above and full depth pull-out shelves below. The counter/pull-out depth could be anything between 20-24" deep. Under the counter, I would do pull-out shelves for part of the width and leave part open. No doors over the pull-outs.
- Any recommendations on brands or types of pull-out shelving?
- Is a 20" deep countertop useful as a drop zone, or should I do 24"? Seems like 24" would be more useful, but would make it harder to reach upper shelving. But, the deeper pull-outs would be good... Thoughts?

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I bought some rev a shelf pull-out shelves (which it turned out didn't fit, ugh) and they seem to be well made and would have been easy to install if only we could have installed them.
My thoughts on a drop zone are if it's deeper, more crap will land there. That might just be my house, though lol.
I'd go with easier to reach shelves vs. deeper crap zone.

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Deedles! Deeper crap zone? Seriously! DH designed a whole room into this new build that he (lovingly) calls my "personal crap room". I call it my "happy room"! Lots of uninterrupted space for the clutter I love! But, the wanna-be-organized part of me doesn't want clutter/crap in my pantry. So, thanks for the red flag... :-)

Anyone else with thoughts on pull-out shelves?

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There are many companies in the last few years that have started selling pull out shelves. The adjustable in width ones are made in china and from second hand knowledge I can vouch that they should have stayed in china.
Then there are the wire and plastic ones that are ok but not made for long term.
If your looking to install pull out shelves in your own cabinets I would highly recommend Slide Out Shelves LLC
They make them to fit and are simple to install plus even after paying for shipping you will save a lot of money over having a franchise or cabinet company make them for you and your getting at least equal quality.

Here is a link that might be useful: Their web site

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joemiles - Thank you! Last night, I looked at the website that you linked, and liked what I saw, but had never heard of the brand. Thanks for the recommendation. Much appreciated...

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We used Shelves That Slide (catchy name, eh?)
They are made to order, made in the USA, and we are pleased with them so far.

There are also ones sold via Costco, these are custom as well.

Hope that helps!

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I had not heard of them either until I started asking some cabinet makers. Seems most cabinet shops are nor set up just to justify aftermarket slide outs. So they suggested going directly to the source. I found a few such as the ones at Costco and Home Depot but they buy from someone. I was thinking either Shelves hat Slide or Slide Out Shelves LLC.
Then I saw an episode of Bathtastic on the DIY network and they used Slide Out Shelves LLC. So I thought they would use someone that was making a good product.
Bottom line is that I purchased a tester from each and decided to go with Slide Out Shelves and have no regrets.
Going with name brands doesn't always get you better quality
Just my thought, hope it helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Heres the link to their picture gallery, alot of ideas

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Thank you! I am looking through the recommended websites today so that I can put this on the "decision done" list!

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