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alisandeMay 7, 2013

I don't watch a lot of TV, but it seems as though every time I do, I end up seeing one or more of those dramatic anti-smoking commercials from the Health & Human Services Department. They are certainly striking.

I'm wondering how smokers are receiving them. If you don't mind sharing, do the commercials make you want to quit? Do you think you might call the number on the screen? Do you have a different reaction?

When I was a smoker 40+ years ago, not much was said about smoking and health issues. Seeing these commercials makes me very glad I quit when I did. But of course I've felt that way ever since.

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They are very drastic....I wish I had paid attention years ago when the warnings first started coming out...If I manage to survive lung cancer living with 1 and i/4 lung, emphesema and COPD is terrible....but we were so cool way back then...or so we were told.

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I have never been a smoker but as a retired home health/Hospice RN I can tell you I have seen the damage smoking tobacco can cause....not a pretty picture and I certainly hope the ads will make a difference.
I have mild emphysema due to be exposed to second hand cigarette smoke while growing up and also in the workplace.

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I agree with Carol, hope those ads make a difference. I too am a lung cancer survivor. I have never been a smoker so it can hit anyone, but smoking does make it worse.

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Not a smoker here either. Those warnings against smoking were coming out when I was a kid. We also got to touch and feel the difference between a smoker and and non-smokers lungs in science class. That was quite memorable.

My kids have seen the commercial with the lady who has to add the voice box, teeth and hair to look halfway normal. Dd comments on it every time. I feel the lady is making a difference.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I think that those commercials are the most powerful anti-smoking ads I've ever seen.

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Yeah, good ads because it's much worse than a user on dope, or a crack head, or somebody drinking themselves into oblivion then driving around drunk or doped up and killing people.

I quit smoking 6 years ago, but I still resent the "smoking is bad" attitude and make sure we ignore the drug problem or the homeless problem or people going hungry every night problem.

My quitting had nothing to do with these ads, I quit because I wanted to and that's all there was to it, and I can tell you there's nobody who wants you to quit smoking more than a former smoker, but seriously.....I don't think the ads will make that much difference because it's just another annoying commercial destined to be ignored and quickly forgotten.

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I'm a smoker and have never seen the ads on tv. But I don't think I would pay any attention to them if I did.

your resident DJ

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I've noticed a few anti-smoling ads. But, what is very noticable is old TV movies. During the late hours of the night, my wife watches a channel that run old serial programs fron the 1950s and a little into the 1960s. Those old programs and movies glamorized smoking, and I notice how diffferent is it today. Back then, there was Geroge Burns who always had a scene punctuated with a cigar. The western dudes fired up regularily and a sea diver would grab a smoke immediately after a dive. Other noticeable scenes have the hero snuffing out a cigarette just before donning boxing gloves and then pound bejabbers our of a punching bag; A guy and gal out on a date at a romatic spot; the guy fires up and smoke swirls around the head of the gal and she ACCEPTS this as normal macho. If he offers her a smoke, she accepts it acting as though she had been waiting. In later scenes when our hero has to make a supreme physical exertion, smoking seemingly had no effect on his performance.

The diffference about how smoking was portraied then and now is striking. I have come to believe that movies and plays from 1920 through 1960s did more to glamorize and promote smoking than tobacco ads did.

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I am only 14 days smoke free, I've never tried to quit before and the commercials do not get to me any more than other commercials. I quit because of cervical infusion and I want to heal to the fullest quickest pace possible. I do miss it but I feel so much better already.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Perhaps, zipper and samkaren, these ads will trigger a response in younger people, not so addicted by years and years of habit.

I'll never forget when my 70 year old mother quit a fifty-plus year old habit cold turkey. Didn't tell anyone...just did it! Her motive was MONEY, lol. She finally took her head out of the sand and put down, on paper, the thousands of dollars that she would save if she weren't spending it on cartons of cigarettes. She even figured it out for five and ten years!

Her pleasure in her smoke free life was (and still is) something to see.

It was a beautiful thing. As a 'reward ', we of the second and third generation all worked to scrub and repaint the inside of her house even the ceiling, clean the carpets, clean the furniture, wash every article of clothing, bedding, etc.

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My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in 2007 at the age of 45 because of smoking. And only after the surgery to remove part of her lung did she finally quit. And she commented on how much better she felt and she never realized how stinky smokers are until she stopped.

And even after all that, after she healed, she started smoking again until she died at age 46.

It really sucks not having a mom around. She will never see me get married or meet her grandkids. And I 100% blame cigarettes and their addictive power. So ANYTHING that helps people quit or never start is wonderful in my book!

I also think smoking is worse than a lot of other addictions because it directly affects other people unless you live alone and only smoke inside your house. I get annoyed even by people smoking in their cars because I still have to breathe it in at a stop light, even if my windows are up. It seeps in. I think it's so selfish. Do what you want to yourself but don't make others have to suffer for your decisions.

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I have never been a smoker, but I am stunned by the price of a pack of cigarettes. I was behind someone in line who was buying a pack and the cost was over $6!!! That is an awful lot of money literally going up in smoke. That would motivate me to quit more than any ad.

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...not so addicted by years and years of habit...
(Sigh) It's this kind of naivety, foolishness and misinformation that caused me to light many a cigarette when I smoked. For the intellectually challenged, (since words have become "offensive" these days I won't call them as I see them), uh, let's put this simple, habit is not an addiction. Again? Sure! habit is not an addiction. Very different.

The other thing that annoys me is how people think preaching or nagging will get people to quit. Or people saying they're going to quit thinking you can if you think you can. Or any number of other things. You will quit smoking when, and only when you die, or when you decide you WANT to quit. Poking pins in your ear, putting patches on, sucking on a nicotine inhaler, a vaporizer, and my favorite joke, the "e-cigs" are all good ways to milk money from people. Seldom will they get you to quit, although some people decide they want to quit to be able to quit using those things.

I quit for one reason. I wanted to quit. For me, money was the motivator. Pretty simple. But so many people want to make it complicated. They want to claim "I'm ADDICTED!!!" so they don't have to take any personal responsibility. And all the other little jokes out there.

Now for the commercials: They wouldn't have had much impact on me because it's the exaggeration in action. I'm surprised the politically correct folk haven't attacked the commercials.

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