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dian57June 4, 2011

I'm making a baby quilt for one of my son's friends. I had it all together and was looking for just the right shade of pink for the outside border. I'd narrowed it down to 3 choices from my stash and decided to give it a few days to consider.

I work in a LTC facility where many of my ladies were quilters or seamstresses. Margaret is quiet, rarely speaks or makes eye contact. As I was putting a clothing protector on her in preparation for breakfast I noticed her shirt. It was the PERFECT pattern and shade of pink for my quilt border. I told her about it and she started smiling. We had a nice exchange and she even laughed a little.

Each time she saw me, she would say something like, "You keep those scissors away from me!" or "You want to turn me into a baby quilt, don't you!" I brought the unfinished quilt in the next day to show her and she agreed, her shirt was perfect.

The best thing about the exchange was she started telling me about the quilts she had made in her life. And she agreed to join our sewing club.

It's in these moments I love my job.


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Dianne, what a great story! How wonderful for Margaret that you were able to make a connection with her. Our choir director at church is always telling us that we never know who our muisc touches or how, and I think this is kind of the same thing.

Thanks so much for sharing!


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What a wonderful story! We truly don't always understand how what we do/say can influence another human being.

Good for you to have been there to open her world!

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Dianne, What a beautiful story. I'm sure it made her day and will help her to open up to others now, too. Thank you for your contribution to make this a better world for Margaret.


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I am so happy the you reached out and touched Margret. She has a new prespective and understanding that will give her a new lease on life. TFS such a touching story. Jayne

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Thank you for sharing this!

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What a wonderful story. The people who live in your facility are lucky to have you.

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I had to look up what LTC facility is. Long Term Care Facility? After re reading your story, and understanding who she is.....well, this is so touching and you must truly feel rewarded each time she sees you, knowing you brightened her time.
Thanks so much for sharing this cute moment.

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