Sudden loss of water

chispaDecember 3, 2012

We have a spa (hot tub) built into our patio. It was empty for many months while we had construction on our property. It was replastered about 2 months ago and also added new coping and tile. Everything has seemed fine the last 2 months and the water level has been consistent, untill ...

Today I looked out and the water level was about 1 ft down. The only thing that has changed is that it has been raining the last 4 days. Why did I lose water when it is raining? If the water level rose too high, what could happen to make the spa lose so much water?

Any thoughts would be appeciated. We are in CA and don't get much rain, but I would like to figure what is causing this leak.

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Blocked or bad check valve on the spa return? That's what ours was when same thing happened to us.

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Doesnt sound like a check valve only because I believe this is a free standing above ground unit?

If it's connected to a pool, jimbar might be right.

If it's a freestanding unit above ground, usually letting the water level drop until it stops is very telling. If it stops at a certain fitting, jet, drain etc, that may be where a leak is. I dont think the rain has anything to do with it, with exception to making it harder to see where the water went.

You can always fill it back up, expose the plumbing from below and see if you et water accumulating anywhere. Also, you can take a small bottle of phenol red with goggles and underwater squeeze small drops around the fittings and drain and skimmer and see if you get any "sucked in". Make sure all equipment is off when you do that.

If you have a backwash valve always check that it is in a good locked position and not leaking when the pump comes on. I've seen pools drop overnight from a bad push/pull valve on a DE or Sand filter.

Good luck!

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It is an in ground spa built into our cement/tile patio, no visual access to any pipes unless we get a jackhammer. Edge/copping of spa sits about 18" above ground, like a low bench. No pool. Don't ask why, we bought it like this!!

Did some further testing by refilling to normal level. It very quickly will lose about 12" of water and then slowed down quite a bit. It seems to have settled just below the level of the 2 highest jets.

Local pool company came by today, but the tech wasn't familiar with my control panel/remote! Supposed to come back tomorrow w/someone that is familiar w/it.

We had so much rain that the ground and the whole area around the patio is still wet, so it isn't obvious where the water might be going. Even have my sprinklers off so the area can dry out more quickly.

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