security for outdoor cabana flat screen tv & components

angeldogDecember 3, 2008

We have an outdoor cabana with an inset above the fireplace for a flat screen tv. A cabinet to the left of the fireplace holds the supporting components. Can anyone suggest different "layers" of security on these electronics to protect against theft?

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How about this security barrier


We own a Rottie, but I'd also be interested in the layers of security if anyone has any info

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Great answer!! I will be getting several professional opinions in the coming weeks including one from a local policeman and will inform anyone here interested. I also have some product suggestions that I'll send then too.

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Please share your findings. We are at the end of our pool build and my husband has already purchased the large flat screen - but we have not been able to come up with a way to mount it where it will be secure and somewhat protected from the elements. The only thing we actually saw was a mechanism that would drop it out of the ceiling of the poolhouse - for $17,000. I told him I could buy a VW and drive the TV to the area for that amount of money. We are still working on soluntions - I will keep you posted.

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I plan to put mine in a corner on a 45 and build a cabinet for it to keep it out of the weather (under a trussed patio). You could add a lock pretty easy from there.

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I used Werever products for my outdoor kitchen. While I don't have this specific piece, it may be what you're looking for... As far as the cabinetry I purchased, it is very highly recommended in my book.

Here is a link that might be useful: Werever TV cabinet

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Rack Etear

Could you use those alarm things like they put on the cameras at costco.

Then purchase specialty screws so the you cannot remove the tv from the mount without a special driver.

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Try Laser Shield. Uses radio waves to detect motion, can be remotely activated, (from the house or car), you can position it anyway you want, no monthly fee, can tie it into the house system, and is inexpensive.

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We originally installed a flat screen tv that stayed up for 3 yrs. After a storm knocked down part of our fence, the first tv and some of the components were stolen. One mo. later we replaced the tv and components and less than 12 hours later, stolen again. This area can be seen from a street, so we felt like we are being "cased" for whenever we replace them. The 2nd tv had an alarm on it that when unplugged, sounds off an ear-piercing alarm. However, I barely heard it when it went off and everything else must have been unplugged first because they were gone when I got to the window. It was an alarm bought from Aztec Sec. Srvcs but they dont manufacture it. They are replacing the alarm for free and have suggested an aviation strength cable that anchors to a secure (unseen) area of cabana, and then attaches and locks to the tv. The thieves this time just took boards off the fence! So we are considering a laser or electrical shock system on that fence line, re-landscaping the area to better block the view, the cable lock, the alarm on tv,cabinet doors over tv w/alarm on the doors that will be wired to the house alarm and a camera system in cabana and yard. If anyone knows of certain manufactures they recommend, please send. Thank you for the suggestions.

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We are using Smarthome's "Reporter with voice" heat sensors around our pool. This provides a level of security as well as pool safety. When any of the sensors are triggered, the wireless receiver in our house sounds and you can also listen to anything going on around the sensor. You can also talk from the house to the sensors at the pool (like an intercom system).

The sensors also have a relay that closes when triggered and can be used to turn on a loud outside siren which can be reset from the house.

This is a wireless system that is super easy to install and is battery operated. I replace the batteries in our outdoor sensors about once a year and the receiver in the house will let you know when it is time to replace the batteries in the outdoor sensors before they die totally. The sensors are small and can be hidden easily.

We have found multiple uses for our system: security, detecting when someone is close to the pool for safety, intercom system between the house and the pool and we also use one for a driveway alarm to tell us when someone is approaching our house down our long driveway. Each sensor has its own sound so you can easily tell which sensor was triggered. We have 6 total outside.

We are also using one of these sensors to turn on our pool slide pump automatically when someone approaches our slide to help save energy when the slide is not in use.

I continue to be amazed at the flexibility of this system for the relatively inexpensive investment.

Hope this helps!

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An in expensive way is to simply strip the mounting screws with a drill. You can still get them out if you get a tool for removing screws/blots with stripped heads. Most thieves will not invest the time to remove the stripped screws. If you want to spend a little money use security screws on the mounting. Attached is a link of what I am talking about. Obviously, your flat screen needs to be anchored to the wall so that it cannot be simply pulled of the wall.

I have had a flat panel TV outside for four years now and it still works great. It is not covered.

Here is a link that might be useful: Security Fasteners

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If the thief wants your plasma, he is going to get it. I have been using Pentair's IntelliTouch pool control system for the last 3-4 years. When I put in a pool house/cabana last summer, I also upgraded IntelliTouch with their new ScreenLogic video system that allows you to add up to 4 cameras on your property. What is cool is that I can configure the cameras so that if they detect motion, they snap a picture and email it to my gmail account which I can pick up on my Blackberry or on my wife's iphone. It is pretty slick. More info here on pages 5-8:

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ncrealestateguy, trhought, landa mac and kitchenshock...thank you all for the new postings and good information. Husband and I will be checking them all out today! Having new security installed this week on the house and cabana, but haven't decided on motion sensors yet or cameras. Definitely going to use the idea on the mounting screws. Thank you all!

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Hopefully a final update on our cabana electronics: To date we have beefed up our home security with new alarm system on all doors & windows and glass breakage devices in all rooms; Installed alarm system on cabana doors as well; Had a cabinet built over the tv with locking doors and alarm system;Put in the tv with a second "ear-piercing" alarm glued to the tv; "anchored" another plate to back of tv and used aviation strength cables to connect the plate to another area of cabana where it is bolted down; Installed motion lights and security cameras that will be monitored thru the internet, so that we can check on things while out of town; Also reinforced the fence line with new boards and in the Spring, will re-plant same fence line with thicker, thorny hedge; Haven't installed motion sensors yet, but will do so as soon as we find the right type. We spent a lot of money and lost a lot of money, but mostly lost peace of mind. Hopefully, it will be money well-spent and will deter thieves. But mostly give us a sense of security again.

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I have one more update on security. After everything was installed, including locks on the cabinets...guess what! The low life returned in BROAD DAYLIGHT!...While I was home too! I was inside the house in an area he couldn't see and he PICKED the lock on one of the cabinets...I heard the chime inside the house from the alarm system. Realizing no one was expected home, I got up and there he is, standing in our cabana, looking for something, I'm assuming, to help him carry off the THIRD tv and electronics. I scared him when I opened the door, and started chasing after him. Of course, he got away and we haven't seen him since (over a month). The cameras were installed but not on the monitors yet.

The reason for this posting is that after realizing the simple "cam" locks on the cabinets could be easily picked, I googled combination cam locks and found some that my Locksmith was able to purchase and install. I also had the handles taken off those doors and use the cam locks to hold on to when opening the doors. Even though they could still use a crow-bar and rip the doors off...again...we're just not going to make life easy for them, as they have done the same to us! One other layer of security we've purchased is a remington 12 gauge pump action. Hope to never need it.

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He looks just like my last dog JP, he owned and ruled my backyard. Man oh man do I ever miss that mutt.
My new dogs Rocky and Rascal are 2 black labs. They're fish dogs but not really great security dogs.
I've always been a firm believer in big barking dogs for home security. The boys won't go ballistic when someone is at the gate but will give them a good barking. You can't see them but the barking works even without the intimidation.
One of these days I'll have to tell you guys about the time the cops came to my house on a loud noise disturbance call.

See ya,

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