Countertops + backsplash for cherry cabs and natural maple floors

SiggieApril 24, 2012

I need to decide on a countertop and backsplash to go with natural, unstained maple floors and wild cherry stained maple cabinets. I am definitely going with formica countertops, but I need to decide on a color/pattern. The cabinets have slab style doors, and I am going for a contemporary look. The appliances are stainless steel. Any advice and photos would be greatly appreciated.


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There are so many shades people call "cherry" that I've learned not to assume I know what they mean. Do you have any pics of the cabinets or floor? How about inspiration pics?

When I was looking at laminate, I loved the "Soapstones" by Wilsonart. Oiled Soapstone is black with a subtle pattern to it, and Pearl Soapstone is gray. Either strikes me as being neutral enough to fit a classic or contemporary kitchen. If your cabinets are dark, though, you may want an even lighter countertop color, like Formica Mineral Spa.

When you say Formica, do you mean laminate in general, or are you definitely using the Formica brand?

I can't imagine deciding on kitchen finishes individually. For me, it was most helpful to find inspiration pictures and choose the "look" of the kitchen as a whole to help narrow things down.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Formica design center can help you visualize patterns in context

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Hi there! Your colors sound really pretty. I like that you have a darker cabinets paired with a contrasting light maple flooring. I am building a house and in my kitchen I did a Homecrest Maple Terrain (warm darker brown) paired with a hickory natural flooring...we we are on the same color tones. I chose a Wilsonart HD Laminate in Deepstar Jade with a beveled edge. Deepstar Jade is a pretty green mixed with neutrals/browns. I felt my kitchen needed a bit of earthy color! Have you looked at the WilsonArt HD line? I bet you would find something you loved! Good luck and post pictures when you can! My cabinets and countertops just went in today!

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Thanks for the responses. I don't have the cabinets yet, and the floor hasn't been installed or coated with poly yet. I've included a link for the stain color for the cabinets.

I'm open to any brand of laminate. WilsonArt seems to have a better selection than Formica. Anyone have an opinion on the comparable quality. I know my Formica counters in my last house looked as good as new after seven years of hard use.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Pretty cabinet stain! You have reddish tones so a warm color countertop would be best. Have you checked out Deepstar Jade? The green in the counters actually compliments your red tones quite nicely!

Formica 180FX has some great selections too. I read somewhere that Wilsonart scratches more? Who knows...I still picked the Wilsonart. These are the pulls that I put on my cabinets:
I visited the house this morning and those pulls are like "WOW" they really pop and make it look modern.

Keep us posted with what you choose!

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What colors do you like?

You have so many wonderful options. And if you can visit
a lowes or HD sometimes they have samples you can have
and keep to figure out what might work. OF course the
samples are tiny but maybe they can help a little.
Meanwhile here are some images of Formica and Wilsonart.
Not all kitchens below are cherry or similar to yours
but at least you can see a few ideas for edge treatments.

madras indian slate formica

wilsonart soapstone

dessert passage wilsonart

Sunstone Wilsonart

Canyon Passage Wilsonart

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I know that if you go on Wilsonart's website you can order larger samples for free. They are very quick to ship them to you as well. I ordered several before I decided.

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Thanks for the photos and the tips. I've ordered some samples from Wilsonart. Does anyone know how much the special edges add to the cost of materials?

Here is a link that might be useful: Order samples of Wilsonart laminate

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I paid an extra 450.00 to upgrade to beveled edging...a lot of money...but it looks really nice! I'll try to get my pics up. I went to the house this morning to see progress.

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